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    I'm fine with 2018. Weird year and the stars just didn't align for a magical run. Yet even on the final day of the season there was an opening for an NY6. Win the MWC any year and I'm satisfied. How we lost the MWCG was unsettling, but that's sport and Fresno was a good team.
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    Ryp does seem to be a class act, nothing but respect for him, at least as far as he has represented BSU.
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    I like Ryp. Gonna miss him. And regardless of his performance over the last 4 years, which is a hot topic for debate, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that he's all class. Kept out of trouble, represented the team and school well...the kind of player you want representing Boise State.
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    Rypien had a good career i think he's an nfl qb
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    I agree. I love Ryp as much as the next guy, but he held our team back at least two games out of every season.
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    Leighton Vander Esch 2nd team All-Pro
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    What's worse is they'll be going against LSU with a backup QB. So when they lose, they'll say it's because of that. Next we will hear is that if they would have had their starter, they would have been National Champs again.
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    Game 1 will be very important in terms of getting back to where BSU should be. I don't think we have to win out of the gate, but need to really compete and build from there. The Mountain Division sets up nice for us. I'm looking for another MWCG on the Blue. This time a win like '17. That should always be the key goal.
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    I don't see any downside to him leaving early. It's a good move in my book.
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    Let's hope nobody breaks team rules during the weather break.
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    Correct. Maeva. Violation of team standards. I’m gonna guess that he didn’t get enough distance when peeing off the balcony.
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    Broncos come out after the half and builds another 16 point lead only to have the Tigers bring down to 3. Broncos regained momentum as they ended up winning 83 to 71.
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    Take that Utah State! Jalil was an assistant strength and conditioning coach for BSU in 2017. Then became CB coach at NAU in 2018. Played at Colorado 2006-2010 (Coach Hawkins), was 4th round draft pick, stuck around the NFL for 5 years. I thought he was going to be in the running for this position last season.
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    http://www.maxpreps.com/news/3yCXPbSDMUCnab8sgOAWXw/2018-maxpreps-high-school-football-all-american-team.htm 2nd team all american
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    And recuits very well in my opinion
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    How has harsin underperferformed? dude has one lots of game's.
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    Happy and healthy year to you GJ
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    @Williamhicks and @halfmanhalfbronco It’s gonna be a good year.
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    I think we could see Riley Smith start the year if Cord isn't ready to go.
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    The guy in the endzone though...he just doesn't like to be bothered.
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    My DVR screwed up and didnt record the game (was traveling). Either that or Hulu just cancelled it and pretended it didn’t happen just like the bowl people.
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    Hope she is better now or soon. BSU bowl game. Still just a game. Take care.
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    Funny story when I Was young I thought there where places too wash your hands