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    Good luck, but Oregon can go to hell. I hate that program and their fans. No way we can compete with them when it comes to salaries for coaches though. At least we’re 3-0 vs the Ducks.
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    Touching up the old resume and sending it in, along with some Madden clips.
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    Basketball was my favorite team sport. Could do a reverse layup with either hand by age 9. Shot free throws left-handed one year. About 90%. Played 200 days a year through mid-teens. Even played open play and pick up until 40. Loved CBB through the 1980s and early ‘90s. Just not into it this century. I’ll bandwagon like hell if we ever go sweet 16- elite 8.
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    How is Ezra Cleveland gonna start at three different positions with three different body sizes all at the same time?
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    https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/boise-state/1988.html Could agree more loved 80s and 90s.these days it's all about the money.sad too say the least.But favorite team hands down 1987 88 team.the other few years where good too.hold under 55 free Wendy's burger those where the days
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    Thanks to Mark the Bronco, this morning I watched the Fresno - BSU game from 2001. What a great game. A game that I feel really brought legitimacy to our program defeating the #10 ranked Bulldogs in a sold out stadium in Fresno.
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    MWC Meet in Albuquerque. Allie O with the win in the 3,000m She was 2nd to Kelati a couple hours earlier in the mile. Part of the winning DMR relay last evening after the mile prelims. Busy two days:
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    Derp. Edited the original post. He is kind of bugs bunny-like though. One talented dude.
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    Plenty of size on the lines... OL Projected Starters: LT - Ezra Cleveland 6'-6" - 311 LG - John Molchon 6'-5" - 322 C - Garrett Larson 6'-4" - 302 RG - Eric Quevedo 6'-4" - 317 RT - John Ojukwu 6'-6" - 305 DL Projected Starters: End - Chase Hatada 6'-3" - 257 DT - David Moa 6'-3" - 305 NT - Sonatane Lui 6'-1" - 287 STUD - Curtis Weaver 6'-3" - 264
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    You know the fish is big when it makes Ojukwu look small!
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    I'd like to see a far a net cast for Bronco Nation. However, it seems the BSU staff is mostly content to stick to California and Texas for high-profile recruits.
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    @grandjean87 is correct https://www.boisestate.edu/presidentialsearch/
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    Do we have a big QB situation? This is a pretty normal situation to be in after a Senior QB graduates. Aside from the Cord injury, I see a healthy contest in our upcoming practices. May the best prospect come out on top.
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    Huge loss. As one of my all time favorite Bronco's, this hurts. I am a HUGE Avalos fan, but I hope his defenses SUCK at Oregon! Can't fault him for following the money.
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    I was ready for this season to be over when I saw the starting lineup at the beginning of the season. I think we will still be very much improved in 19/20 though. What a tough season 18/19 has been. It's almost over.
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    His channel only has the older games back up. But if you go to his webpage --> http://markthebronco.com/ It has links to all the games from Sept 2015 until present day.
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    You guys are absolutely ridiculous. This notion that all Nevada fans have a running tally of how many grandmas we've pushed down is just stupid. It's about quality, not quantity. Pushing over some spry granny who lives in an active retirement community scores much lower than a granny in a walker and, God willing, with some level of hearing loss or macular degeneration. BSU fans are the worst. THE WORST!
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