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    I think the West is going to be interesting this year. SDSU and Fresno should be top two, but I think Hawaii, UNLV, and Nevada will all be better and challenge the top teams. Could see it end up with a couple 6-2 teams of three 5-3 teams atop the division. Based on getting Fresno and Nevada at home I’d predict SDSU wins the tiebreaker.
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    IST interviewed Karl Benson. A lot of it was pretty normal stuff. Some was about the baseball program that he used to be a part of. but there were a couple of things I thought was very interesting. The first being that when the WAC initially split up, he initially recommended UNR and Boise as replacements for what they lost. The initial response was that UNR was a good fit, but schools like Rice, SMU, and Tulsa didn't feel that Boise fit the academic profile of the conference. He mentioned how that reputation has completely changed under Kustra and how much more a Boise State degree means than it did back then. He mentioned how different school presidents think of Boise State academically. The 2nd being the "value" of Boise State football. MW fans like to complain about the disproportionate distribution of conference funds. I believe Boise tends to usually get just under $3m a year is disbursement. He mentioned the original WAC contract without Boise was $1m a year. After Boise joined they were able to negotiate a $5m a year contract. He also said that when Boise left for the MW, ESPN immediately came back to the WAC and renegotiated it down to $1M a year. So, apparently, according to ESPN, the Boise brand is worth $4m a year... so the MW schools should be happy that Boise only gets $3m a year.
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    That game was worse than watching the OK St. game live.
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    Jack and Pierre were cutting down a tree. Jack drew back his axe and accidentally sliced off his own ear. Pierre saw an ear on the ground and said Jack is this your ear? Jack said, “does it have a pencil behind it”?
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    He physically looks ready to play right now. Btw, I love this color combination. I don't think they've ever used it.
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    I feel we need help there as well. Still haunted by that TCU game back in 2011. And still perplexed at the decision of RHD to leave in the middle of 2017 season after starting some games as a sophomore. There has to be more to that story.
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    Agreed. It's going to be a close division. SDSU also misses both Boise and AFA which will likely be the top two teams in the Mountain and get USU at home.
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    We should dominate in our conference games, including the game with USU. The key is going to be keeping a business like approach. Just take care of business. I don't believe wins against UNLV, for example are going to move the needle much when it comes to NY6 games. But, winning convincingly in our conference schedule and faring well in the games of media interest, FSU & BYU coupled with poor showings in the AAC,we can get back to a big payday this year. FWIW, I really like this defense this year. If we can stay healthy, the NY6 game will be within our reach. JMO.
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    It seems this coming season more than past will require impressive wins rather than just wins. Everyone will see the schedule is not killers row so dominance will be needed IMO. Now I know that may mean less developmental play for 2+ stringers so I doubt Harsin will take that route. He thinks far more long term than do I as a fan. Haha
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    That Oline will not be ready for our defense. They will score some points and there will be some big plays, but our defense has too much coming back. Also, I think we just upgraded at DC.
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    Yeah, this is kind of how I feel. Their O-Line was garbage last year, but they have athletes all over the place if the line gets shored up. They’ve consistently been one of the top teams in recruiting, so it is hard to see them completely falling off. Plus their defense looks good enough to cause our new QB and RB fits. Right now I’m feeling a 14-10 type of game.
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    I guess she didn't want to be part of Nike's PED-infused training team in Eugene. I love Brooks. Great choice for her after being forced to wear Nike garbage the last few years. Boise High's NIck Symmonds used to run for Brooks as well.
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    Pretty impressive - https://broncosports.com/news/2019/7/1/general-boise-state-tops-among-g5-schools-in-directors-cup-standings.aspx
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    It looks like that was Allie's last race as a Bronco per her Instagram post. I was hoping she might stick around for fall X-C and a run at an individual and maybe team title.
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    I know a couple posters who do just that.
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    That's him next to 300# NTs Scale Igiehon and Sonatone Lui.
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    I've been saying since it happened that Chase would be ready to go well before fall ball. Well, he played in Boise State's charity softball game. He took an at bat and ran out a grounder. Since they had him running in a meaningless softball game, I think it's safe to say rehab has gone well and he'll be ready.
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    Don't sleep on any team
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    More Allie news: Allie is entered in the steeplechase at the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday. This is a Diamond League Meet with the world record holder, other sub-9 racers, and the top Americans. I'm hoping Allie shatters her PR (which I think is likely). She is going to be talked about this week: https://www.flotrack.org/articles/6519458-eight-2019-ncaa-stars-taking-their-talents-to-the-pre-classic Also, I saw that Allie has been selected for the USA team in the Pan American Games in Peru this August. No confirmation she will race there, but she is listed on the team of two steeplers: http://www.usatf.org/News/USATF-announces-2019-Pan-Am-Games-roster.aspx
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    Why not add those tough Black Bears of Maine?
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    Must have gotten it confused with Mountain View. I'm blaming the lack of creativity with their school names out there.
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    Our defense will be solid. Class of the conference.
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    You guys are absolutely ridiculous. This notion that all Nevada fans have a running tally of how many grandmas we've pushed down is just stupid. It's about quality, not quantity. Pushing over some spry granny who lives in an active retirement community scores much lower than a granny in a walker and, God willing, with some level of hearing loss or macular degeneration. BSU fans are the worst. THE WORST!