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    Reno probably complains why we recruit better and steal their recruits and whine when we try to poach just like crybaby polian.Harsin made a Meyer like appearance once hired at BSU aggressive recruiting tactics to make the other teams take notice to either adjust or be left behind.
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    His channel only has the older games back up. But if you go to his webpage --> http://markthebronco.com/ It has links to all the games from Sept 2015 until present day.
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    Hopefully this solves our kicking issues. Having a reliable kicker is so beneficial to a team.
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    I don't have a link, I'm on my phone. But just saw it on ESPN. This has got to be one of the fastest promotions from player to QB coach for one season to Offensive Coordinator in the history of the NFL. OC is a high paying position. Way to go Kellen!!
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    He will just have input but nothing moore
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    Is it official yet? Lots of Cowboys fans hate the idea. But man, it would be incredible if he gets that job.
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    Kellen haters in Dallasworld are pretty funny this morning.
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    BSU 55 WYO 121 AFA 110.5 USU 99.5 CSU 88.5 NM 109.5
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    And the best free throw shooter on the team 92% - which also helps in crunch time.
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    I think these players develop into who they are because of their circumstances. If LVE went to Bama, etc. he might never have seen the NFL.
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    Hobbs has to become the guy we run the offense through in crunch time.
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    Seriously though, I'm not sure there has ever been an elite 5* prospect from southern Idaho. Tommy Togai from Highland HS (Pocatello) was a very high 4* (top 60 overall) player last year. He went to Ohio State. Colson Yankoff (CDA) was another 4* - chose Washington. Tristan Hoge (also Highland) was a 4* in 2015 - he chose Notre Dame (but is now back at BYU) Tanner Mangum from Eagle in 2012 was a 4* - chose BYU. --- I believe this year's signee Keegan Duncan was the only other 4* or greater player from the state of Idaho over the last 10 years. Boise State has gotten most of the higher 3* guys. So... 1. It is very hard to get rated 4* or greater due to perceived lack of competition in Idaho HS football. 2. Had Vander Esch somehow been a 5* - he would have been recruited by all the big schools. But he didn't have NFL athleticism or size in High School - so it is kind of a moot point. He gained something like 40 pounds at BSU and got quicker.
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    Starting in 2019, Nevada will no longer be fooling around and you guys will be on the business end up some whuppin's. Discuss.
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    Looks like Oklahoma is his landing spot.
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    https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/sports/nfl/boise-states-leighton-vander-esch-added-to-nfl-pro-bowl-roster/277-4b0b9e25-4b3a-4cf6-ae66-ad6742be286d Very cool and deserving first rookie since 1981 for the cowboys to be named
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    Probably not, but that's irrelevant! Such a Boise thing to say.
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    Yeah, it's even worse with 8 man football. There is no way that anyone playing 8 man football could ever play DI ball AND go on to the NFL. Especially, from Idaho!!
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    The best player in the state did get a scholarship offer and is committed to the Broncos.