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    The goal is to be the best team in the conference and be good enough to complete with any team in the country. We have the talent and resources to be much better than this. Harsin is an average coach who is holding us back.
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    How can Hank go wrong with our stamp of approval? It’s going to be fun watching the battle and the outcome.
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    Was listening to Caves and Traitor yesterday and was surprised to hear that Hank is getting most of the reps with the blue squad. I believe they said that Henderson was the other person getting the most reps, followed by Smith. Hank had probably the best film I've seen in one of our recruits coming out of high school, so I guess I'm not too surprised. But... please baby Jesus don't let Henderson be the one. I was not impressed with him last year.
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    You like my Barca-Real highlights?
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    I hope Cord is able to spin up quickly because I think Hank seems to be a legit threat for the starting spot. I think Cord is electric as a dual-threat QB and is more polished than Hedrick was at the same stage of his career. I just hate that we have so many good QBs on the roster that it's almost certain that some will leave. If the staff intend to do a Ryp/Cozart type system then I hope the staff realize the special package QB is only effective if the staff actually lets the more mobile QB throw the ball. Towards the end of the 2017 season Cozart was running 90% of the time and the secondary simply crashed down. When they let Cozart throw, he was able to get the offense in a rhythm. Having a legitimate threat as a thrower makes the secondary hesitate for that split second for a WR, or TE to get open. I think that's why letting Cedrick Wilson throw was so effective, before he started to have serious injuries, in that, not only was it a bit of a trick play to begin with when he threw, but he was a HS QB who felt comfortable letting loose, and we were able to gash secondaries.
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    I just hope that a dual threat QB wins the job. One dimensional FB equals a bunch of 3-4 loss seasons for BSU.
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    I really like Danielson. Getting the co-defensive coordinator title just makes me believe they are grooming him for better things.
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    @halfmanhalfbroncoand @Williamhicks Keep posting. I’ve been coasting.
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    This part was my favorite...
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    I'd like to see a far a net cast for Bronco Nation. However, it seems the BSU staff is mostly content to stick to California and Texas for high-profile recruits.
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    You guys are absolutely ridiculous. This notion that all Nevada fans have a running tally of how many grandmas we've pushed down is just stupid. It's about quality, not quantity. Pushing over some spry granny who lives in an active retirement community scores much lower than a granny in a walker and, God willing, with some level of hearing loss or macular degeneration. BSU fans are the worst. THE WORST!
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    MEH! Very underwhelming. We lost the best coach on the team. No way we just got better. Every year I hope some team will try to take Harsin off our hands, but he hasn't had any legit offers elsewhere as far as we know. Says a lot-- you average 10 wins a year, yet the team has truly underperformed.