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    Agreed. It's going to be a close division. SDSU also misses both Boise and AFA which will likely be the top two teams in the Mountain and get USU at home.
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    I think the West is going to be interesting this year. SDSU and Fresno should be top two, but I think Hawaii, UNLV, and Nevada will all be better and challenge the top teams. Could see it end up with a couple 6-2 teams of three 5-3 teams atop the division. Based on getting Fresno and Nevada at home I’d predict SDSU wins the tiebreaker.
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    You guys are absolutely ridiculous. This notion that all Nevada fans have a running tally of how many grandmas we've pushed down is just stupid. It's about quality, not quantity. Pushing over some spry granny who lives in an active retirement community scores much lower than a granny in a walker and, God willing, with some level of hearing loss or macular degeneration. BSU fans are the worst. THE WORST!