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  1. MtHomevet1976

    Brett Rypien is the MWC all time leading passer

    Understand that the chart above shows only Mountain West records. So Kellen Moore's passing record of 14,667 yards does not show up because most of his yardage was in the WAC Conference. That is why none of the earlier Boise State quarterbacks show up on that chart.
  2. MtHomevet1976

    Drop your pin on the member map!!

    Hope to next year. Since I have left the only times I get to see BSU live is when they play at either in UNLV or San Diego State (about 45 miles away).
  3. MtHomevet1976

    Drop your pin on the member map!!

    First became a fan when I was stationed at Mt Home AFB in 1976. Was able to follow them again when they moved to Div1 and started appearing cable TV. BSU is very popular among the other youth football coaches here. Players sent to BSU from our area are Skylar Seibold, Khalil Shakir, Philip Mills and next year Hank Bachmeier.