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  1. daglafe

    New Blue Turf Rendering

    I carpeted my son's under the stains fort with extra blue turf. He painted the walls blue and orange and white stripes.
  2. I'm planning on being in Jacksonville though I have not looked into a room or tickets yet. We will drive down from Georgia. Probably 4 of us.
  3. daglafe

    Langi and Wale are signed.

    It seems our recruiting has been improving every year. Pretty strong class this year.
  4. I'm proud of Kellen, that's quite a large jump. I think the fans are expecting an either amazing assent to greatness or an utter failure and nothing in between. Tough situation to be in, but I think he has the character to make the best out of it. It's been fun to watch him regardless.
  5. Finley has turned out to be a great quarterback, but I remember being rather unsatisfied with his play before the injury. I think projecting possible wins is quite a stretch, would have could have is not reality. I was fine with the Rypien switch and am glad Finley found a spot.
  6. daglafe

    Trevor phucking Lawrence

    He is very talented, he was in HS too. He was on a team that faces my kids team over the last several years. Not a big fan of the antics of a lot of his teammates in HS from what I've been relayed by my kids, but respect his talent.
  7. daglafe

    Let’s Show UCF how it’s done.

    Would be great, but Florida has not left the state for an OOC game since the early 90s if I recall.
  8. daglafe

    Mattison gone too

    Drat. I was hoping he might stay but understand the decision with how hard RBs get beat up. Best of luck to him. He will be missed.
  9. daglafe

    Ryp tweet

    All the best Ryp! Fun to watch.
  10. Any ideas if it will be played another time?
  11. daglafe

    Mattison - NFL

    mmm...Sounds like it's time for a younger RB to make his mark.
  12. daglafe

    Go Broncos by Harsin last night

    Agreed. High school kids are...well....still kids. Mind changing happens sometimes like changing clothes.
  13. Agree fully, but at the end of the last game when he was trying to get away from the trainers on the sideline, he just struck me as a guy trying to prove himself...urgently... if that makes any sense. I just got the feeling that he might have some thoughts about declaring.
  14. I too changed my mind from my first post in this topic. Mattison's 2nd half of the season has been fantastic and he has looked very hungry. I'd now put it to 50-50 whether he stays or goes after this season. I can see the reason for either decision.
  15. I saw him walking around the sidelines, but he was not wearing pads.