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  1. bsu_alum9

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

  2. bsu_alum9

    Malek Harwell to Grad-Transfer

    BJ Rains has mentioned a couple times he doesn't think Dembley will be back next year either. And sounds like coaches would like to get another post and wing player that would be eligible immediately. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/basketball/malek-harwell-to-transfer-opening-up-extra-scholarship-for-boise/article_3df02f6d-69a3-51cf-8d2e-47f1d3f9766d.html
  3. Kind of thought this might be the case. I was so happy when BSU landed him as a prospect - I think it is important for Boise to land some of the top players from Idaho so there is more of a local connection. But after tearing his ACL as a freshman - he never seemed to take that next step to succeed at this level. He averaged just 2 points per game in 32 games played this season. I hope he finds a spot where he can have a successful last year of eligibility.
  4. https://www.buildingthedam.com/2019/3/18/18271540/espn-reveals-womens-basketball-ncaa-bracket-early-beavers-to-play-boise-state-oregon-state-ncaaw The game is being played in Corvallis after last year playing #1 Louisville in Louisville. Boise gets a #13 seed even though they had a higher RPI than the 8, 11, and 12 seeds in their same bracket. I do think Boise still has a decent chance for a win.
  5. bsu_alum9

    QB Battle

    Since Cord only played in 4 games before a season ending injury - he's likely to be granted a medical redshirt for last season. He also was an early enrollee - so he'll be in his 6th semester this fall. If he graduates early in 3.5 years - like Finley did...then he could theoretically be a graduate transfer with 3 years of eligibility left before the 2020 season. If he doesn't win the job this fall over Hank - I'd have to imagine he'd transfer.
  6. bsu_alum9

    QB Battle

    Maybe they're setting up a 2-QB thing again where Hendo is the running guy and Cord/Bach is the thrower guy. Lotsa folks on this board seem to want a dual-threat guy - and Henderson appears to be the biggest threat on the ground right now.
  7. bsu_alum9

    QB Battle

    https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article227901184.html Dave Southern with a good breakdown in this article. 1a. Jaylon (most leadership) 1b. Bachmeier (best arm) 2. Smith (best vision) 3. Bennett (spread guy still learning)
  8. bsu_alum9

    Schmedding named DC.

    This part was my favorite...
  9. bsu_alum9

    Schmedding named DC.

    At Eastern - Schmedding's teams were always upper echelon of the Big Sky. Finished #4, #21, and #2 in FCS the last 3 years. The Clemson dude has good references...
  10. bsu_alum9

    Paradis Paid

  11. bsu_alum9

    FSU landed Hornibrook as transfer

    I wouldn't count them out yet thought. They landed a decent grad-transfer OT and got a Juco tackle for depth. Plus they had tons of injuries on the O-Line the last two years that really hurt their production and development. They still should have some pretty good guys on the roster even though last year didn't show it.
  12. bsu_alum9

    Women's Season

    And the Women beat Nevada in the first round 72-67. Braydey Hodgins scored a MWC tourney record 37 points. Up next - Fresno or UNLV (games are being played on their home court). Boise has won all four games vs. those two teams by an average of 10 points per game.
  13. bsu_alum9

    FSU landed Hornibrook as transfer

    I wouldn't say he sucks...but he was more of a game manager behind a superb running game at Wisconsin. I don't think he'll win the starting job ahead of Blackman though.
  14. bsu_alum9

    Women's Season

    After last year's seeding debacle, you never know. But they "should" get a 5/6 seed if they win the conference tourney. But if they lose today, I still don't think they are even guaranteed to make the cut.
  15. bsu_alum9

    Women's Season

    Round 1 is today at 1 pm mountain time vs. #8 seed Nevada. Boise beat them by 1 in Nevada, and by 15 at home in previous meetings this year.