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  1. bsu_alum9


    Yeah, this post was from last year. Didn't want to start a new thread about Nawahine. Of last years walkons - Keene, Grover, Pinkney, and Rufai have all left the team.
  2. bsu_alum9


    Just saw that he enrolled at Utah State in January and impressed in spring ball. Sounds like he may have greyshirted there instead of walking on at BSU.
  3. bsu_alum9

    Boise too play Georgia tech

    I see them getting back to 20 wins this year. I think we go with a small lineup vs. just about everybody unless we really need interior defense. Robin Jorch was really bad inside. Hopefully he's healthy and can make a turnaround, and hopefully Frazier has developed the skills for this level.
  4. bsu_alum9

    Boise too play Georgia tech

    Looks like they lost a couple transfers - but do have their top 4 leading scorers back. But they weren't great last year. Should be a tough but winnable game for Boise.
  5. bsu_alum9

    Boise too play Georgia tech

    Last Year's RPI ratings Houston: #7 Portland: #324 Georgia Tech: #156 Boise State: #222 UTEP: #331 Washington: #20 Ball State: #174 Hawaii: #226 --- A win in the first round would have us play a sweet sixteen team in the 2nd round against Houston (the AAC's #1 program).
  6. bsu_alum9

    Another interesting stat

    And Rocky Long has to play at UCLA where they will be underdogs in the first road game this year.
  7. I feel we need help there as well. Still haunted by that TCU game back in 2011. And still perplexed at the decision of RHD to leave in the middle of 2017 season after starting some games as a sophomore. There has to be more to that story.
  8. I think the West is going to be interesting this year. SDSU and Fresno should be top two, but I think Hawaii, UNLV, and Nevada will all be better and challenge the top teams. Could see it end up with a couple 6-2 teams of three 5-3 teams atop the division. Based on getting Fresno and Nevada at home I’d predict SDSU wins the tiebreaker.
  9. bsu_alum9

    Curtis Weaver 2nd Team AA

    Only G5 player on the offensive/defensive teams. I'm sure he'll have many more preseason accolades as the summer moves on. Currently #6 all-time on BSU career sack list with 20.5. With just 3 sacks this year, he'll move into the #3 spot behind Chris Wing (32) and Eric Hegleson (54.5).
  10. bsu_alum9

    Let's talk about the schedule

    According to ESPN FPI (ranked #42): at FSU (28.3% chance of winning) Marshall (80.8%) Portland State (98.7%) Air Force (78.3%) at UNLV (83.9) Hawaii (87.0%) at BYU (42.7%) at SJSU (88.1%) Wyoming (86.2%) New Mexico (94.0%) Utah State (72.1%) Colorado State (82.5%) --- If you believe those numbers, the likelihood for Boise State is 9-3 or 10-2:
  11. bsu_alum9

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    Kendal Briles as OC 2015 Baylor (48.1 ppg, #1 in country) 2016 Baylor (34.6 ppg, #35) 2017 FAU (40.6 ppg, #8) 2018 Houston (43.5 ppg, #5)
  12. bsu_alum9

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    Yeah, this is kind of how I feel. Their O-Line was garbage last year, but they have athletes all over the place if the line gets shored up. They’ve consistently been one of the top teams in recruiting, so it is hard to see them completely falling off. Plus their defense looks good enough to cause our new QB and RB fits. Right now I’m feeling a 14-10 type of game.
  13. I guess she didn't want to be part of Nike's PED-infused training team in Eugene. I love Brooks. Great choice for her after being forced to wear Nike garbage the last few years. Boise High's NIck Symmonds used to run for Brooks as well.
  14. I was in the car and missed it, but she ran a PR of 9:31 and finished 13th out of 16 (almost all professional) runners.