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    Mladen Armus

    6’-10” Serbian center who played two seasons at ETSU just transferred to Boise. He has to sit out a year, then has two years of eligibility left. He averaged 8 points 8 rebounds per game and looks like a pretty good shot blocker and defender.
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    Grayson just got cut. So all Ryp has to do is beat out a guy that has thrown 4 tds to 7 ints and is scheduled to make $1.3m next year.
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    2019 Football Schedule Released

    Three games moved to Friday. No late home games (7 pm isn't late, right?) Still can't find TV info for BYU (assuming ESPN?) - maybe moves to Friday night? Florida State game will be nationally televised on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 and they'll set our time slot.
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    2019 Football Schedule Released

    8/31: vs. Florida State (at Jacksonville) - TBD - ESPN/ABC/ESPN2 Friday 9/6: vs. Marshall @ 7pm MST - ESPN2 9/14: vs. Portland State TBD - ESPN networks Friday 9/20: vs. Air Force @ 7pm MST - ESPN2 9/28: BYE 10/5: at UNLV @ 8:30 MST - CBSSN 10/12: vs. Hawaii TBD - ESPN networks 10/19: at BYU - TBD ? 10/26: BYE 11/2: at SJSU @ 8:30 MST - CBSSN 11/9: vs. Wyoming TBD - ESPN networks 11/16: vs. New Mexico TBD - ESPN networks 11/23: at Utah State @ 8:30 MST - CBSSN Friday 11/29: at Colorado State @ 1:30 MST - CBSSN
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    CDA QB in the Transfer Portal

    High school teammate of BSU TE Cole Ramseyer. I agree it’s unlikely mainly due to most all of BSU QBs being underclassman already and this would just add one more. But what if one of those dudes chooses to leave? Just thought it was fun to think about.
  7. Washington OC/QB coach Bush Hamdan had too many QB's this spring. The Huskies just had two former 4* Redshirt-Freshman QB's enter the transfer portal. I wonder if there is any interest in Boise State. Colson Yankoff of Couer d'Alene is one of them (#6 rated Dual Threat in 2018). He's an incredible athlete (4.7 forty, and a 39" vertical). Just didn't make it up the depth chart with Jacob Eason (former #1 QB recruit). Jacob Sirmon of Bothel, WA is also on the portal (#6 rated Pro QB in 2018). I don't think either would be eligible until 2020.
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    2020 Recruiting Commits

    http://www.hudl.com/video/3/8003739/5be4e9694df4fe0314325d57 Just watched his highlight video. He really flies to the ball and can tackle. Reminds me a little of Kaniho.
  9. Alex Mattison's young cousin Isaiah Bradford is the first commit in the class of 2020. He's a 3* safety that held offers from Colorado, CSU, and SJSU so far.
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    I think he’s got a good shot to make the team. Joe Flacco the starter. Garrett Grayson, the former CSU QB (2 years) Kevin Hogan (4 years with almost no playing time, just got to Denver) Drew Lock (3rd round draft pick) Flacco and Lock are going to be on the roster barring injury. I think Rypien can potentially beat out the other two.
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    #22 to Minnesota

    Higher than expected. Minnesota is in a pretty good spot (in terms of how good they are). I think Alex could have a lot of success there splitting time with Dalvin Cook (Former Florida State guy).
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    DC Schmedding

    I want to see less than 20 ppg. Boise has allowed 22, 23, 23, 20, and 27 in Harsin's 5 years with the program. Always above average, but never the best in the conference. ---- I think it should be attainable with a veteran secondary wreaking havoc plus some good play up front. Injuries have the potential to eat into depth really quickly at certain positions - so that is a bit of a worry. --- Going to be tough to stop the wide variety of teams he'll have to face. Florida State - incredibly fast paced spread led by Briles Marshal - balanced with some RPO and a mobile quarterback Portland State - not a very good FCS offense - EWU beat them with Schmedding 74-24 last year. Air Force - triple option always tough to stop for our defense UNLV - Power Run game with a healthy Armani Rogers could be dangerous Hawaii - Polar opposite of previous two games - gotta defend the pass-heavy Run and Shoot BYU - Probably decent pro-style offense led by a mobile QB. SJSU - Road game - might be tough if it is at 9 am again. Wyoming - looked okay after Chambers took over as a mobile quarterback option New Mexico - third OC in 3 years - 10+ JC transfers - who knows what they'll bring, good thing it's a late season game Utah State - Jordan Love probably the best QB in the league plus a solid running game. Colorado State - Has some athletes once again and Bobo has been able to score points (averaging 40 ppg in last two)
  13. https://www.kivitv.com/news/boise-state-announces-game-series-with-university-of-south-florida 2025 in Tampa 2027 in Boise
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    Boise State vs. South Florida

    In 2021 we've got Houston - another good AAC team. Then 2024 get both Houston and Cincinatti at home. USF and Cincinatti both on the road in 2025 and Oregon at home that year could be a tough non-conference slate. Still no BYU in 2024 and beyond. I wonder if we add them over those years to keep the yearly game going. (2024 has 4 non-conference games already scheduled, but one is an FCS team, and we play Hawaii on the road so still could technically add a game.
  15. Tess and Sofia averaged about 9 minutes per game. Toth averaged about 4 minutes.
  16. bsu_alum9

    I miss these guys

    Probably not. Tough to play in 50 games let alone win that many. Most that are good enough (like Trevor Lawrence) would leave early to the NFL. So it has to be either a dude like Kellen or a mobile quarterback that doesn’t have NFL measurables and they’ve only got to win 12.5 per year for 4 years.
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    I miss these guys

  18. 6'-2, 190, with 33 games played and about 80 tackles.
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    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    In the article says he's been timed at 4.35 in the 40.
  20. bsu_alum9

    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    And he's got a good personality as well. Should fit in here. Plus the discipline taught at Citadel with the military college vibe can't hurt. And he's been practicing against the triple option for years now. Really good pick up IMO. This was the position I was most concerned about going into next year (CB). https://www.postandcourier.com/sports/khafari-buffalo-might-be-the-citadel-s-funniest-player-but/article_333e376a-ac74-11e8-8887-1fb115732cb0.html
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    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    They played 'Bama close last year (well, were tied at half at least).
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    New Blue Turf Rendering

    Also has the blue going all the way to the stands. That should look sweet too.
  23. bsu_alum9

    Bereal arrested

  24. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/gary-van-tol-making-quick-progress-with-boise-state-baseball/article_309d698f-455e-5337-adcf-f04b236a817c.html March 6-8th. Seattle University on the Blue. Home and Homes scheduled with WSU, Oregon, Utah, Creighton, BYU.