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  1. Statesman reporting that R-Sr Isiah Moore and R-Jr Austin Dixon will both graduate and not be with the Boise State football team going forward. It sounds like they are not planning on playing anywhere going forward. Moore was a highly touted 4* JuCo that had a hard time finding minutes. I'm guessing both players have had some injury issues. Either that or it is because their scholarships were not renewed like Will Hefner. Walk-on DE Isiah Grover has left the team as well. https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article229419529.html
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    2019 Football Schedule Released

    Marshall game has changed dates to be on Friday night September 6th. (assuming because of deal with ESPN.)
  3. bsu_alum9

    Boise State Baseball

    And now it looks like they are back to the drawing board considering a downtown option with the Boise Hawks. https://www.idahopress.com/news/local/bsu-once-again-open-to-re-joining-sports-park-project/article_1c1514f5-56d5-5c3c-9007-3f7f84358348.html
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    Emma Bates

    Ran a 52:17 ten mile at Cherry Blossom - just 6 seconds from setting the American women's record for ten miles.
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    I hope you don’t mind

    That's a cool site. Looks like broncofans.net is on there now.
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    More Track Speed

    That time would have placed 6th in the Mountain West Mens Outdoor Championships in 2018. Only two Mountain West T&F athletes have ran faster times in the 200m this season.
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    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    I wish they would stream it for those of us who live too far away to get there.
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    Not for good news

    Going by overdose rates - it appears there is quite an uptick in drug usage. And I think you are right in it becoming more publicized - news is more and more about clicks instead of content.
  9. Off to a good start in the outdoor season, winning the Stanford Invitational 10 000 meter race in 32:06. (That's about a 5:10 min/mile pace for 6+ miles). It is the 2nd fastest time in the country (behind former NCAA champion and professional runner for New Balance, Emily Sisson.) https://broncosports.com/news/2019/4/1/general-ostrander-named-boise-state-athlete-of-the-week.aspx It is the American women's #59th fastest time in 10,000 meters ever. https://www.iaaf.org/records/all-time-toplists/middle-long/10000-metres/outdoor/women/senior?regionType=countries&region=usa&page=1&bestResultsOnly=true&firstDay=1899-12-31&lastDay=2019-03-31 Last years NCAA championship 10k was won in 32:09.
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    QB Battle

    Or everyone will be wrong and walk-on Zach Matlock wins the job.
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    QB Battle

    I think you're probably right. But Cord and Henderson don't have any starts under their belt either. Cord: 6-9, 67 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 8 rushes for 109 yards and 1 TD. Henderson: 1-1, 14 yards, 8 rushes for 54 yards. Cord's rushing touchdown came in the 4th quarter when Boise was up by 48. His passing touchdown was against the worst defense in college football in the last decade or so (Connecticut). So he isn't exactly battle-tested either.
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    Pat Dembley to Transfer

    A D-Bag who was playing when I attended BSU in 2000s. More from personal interactions than anything on the court. And you probably wouldn’t recognize the name. In hindsight, most of us were probably D-bags from 18-23 years old or so - so I probably shouldn’t hold it against him.
  13. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/basketball/backup-guard-pat-dembley-to-transfer-from-boise-state-men/article_5ff171ba-4fc5-11e9-99f1-0fd19352cb0b.html Probably my 2nd least favorite Boise State basketball player of all time. Just didn't see much effort from him and he was way too happy with the threes - plus the offseason arrest. That gives Leon 2 scholarships to fill before next season.
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    QB Battle

    Harsin choosing the starter already. Interesting.
  15. bsu_alum9

    Not for good news

    I was at a work meeting (in Eastern Washington) when the amber alert went out for this and everyones phones blew up. Looked it up later and saw the Helmandollar name and Nampa Idaho and wondered if there was a relation. Sad situation.
  16. bsu_alum9

    QB Battle

    This says right knee December of his junior year... https://bronconationnews.com/chasing-my-dream/ And looks like brace is on his right knee now.
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    QB Battle

    Definitely. That’s also the same knee he tore his ACL in as a HS junior if I’m not mistaken.
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    QB Battle

    Yeah - but he hasn't garnered much attention from the media guys attending practices. He doesn't have the eye-popping zip on the ball like Bachmeier. Not saying that is absolutely necessary (see Kellen Moore) but right now it is something that differentiates them. We'll see how they do in the game simulation next week. I'm surprised we're not hearing more about Smith. If he doesn't get more reps this spring than Bennett/Bachmeier - then odds are he will transfer.
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    QB Battle

  20. bsu_alum9

    QB Battle

  21. bsu_alum9

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

  22. Kind of thought this might be the case. I was so happy when BSU landed him as a prospect - I think it is important for Boise to land some of the top players from Idaho so there is more of a local connection. But after tearing his ACL as a freshman - he never seemed to take that next step to succeed at this level. He averaged just 2 points per game in 32 games played this season. I hope he finds a spot where he can have a successful last year of eligibility.
  23. bsu_alum9

    Malek Harwell to Grad-Transfer

    BJ Rains has mentioned a couple times he doesn't think Dembley will be back next year either. And sounds like coaches would like to get another post and wing player that would be eligible immediately. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/basketball/malek-harwell-to-transfer-opening-up-extra-scholarship-for-boise/article_3df02f6d-69a3-51cf-8d2e-47f1d3f9766d.html
  24. According to KenPom ratings.
  25. https://www.buildingthedam.com/2019/3/18/18271540/espn-reveals-womens-basketball-ncaa-bracket-early-beavers-to-play-boise-state-oregon-state-ncaaw The game is being played in Corvallis after last year playing #1 Louisville in Louisville. Boise gets a #13 seed even though they had a higher RPI than the 8, 11, and 12 seeds in their same bracket. I do think Boise still has a decent chance for a win.