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  1. Hey, @bsu_alum9 Your profile page has been upgraded. Just like on Facebook, you can now post status updates on your profile wall. You can also tag other people by placing an @ in front of their username like this @bsu_alum9  

    You can also upload pics to your profile wall and tag others. Others can too, all they have to do is go into their profile, edit their profile to enable "status updates". 

    You can also create your own Blog right here on the forum. Yes, your own free blog. 

    Spread the word to other Bronco fans, brocnofans.net isn't just a forum, we are a full social media platform ! 

    1. bsu_alum9


      Thanks @Williamhicks. I'm a little paranoid to divulge too much personal stuff on here. Especially considering I may post stuff during working hours.  Could I create a second account that would be more tied to my real life and turn this one into a sock that I use at work and don't have to worry so much about what I say? (not that I'm ever really offensive, but still...) 

      I do like the idea of a personal blog here.  Just hard to do that with a relatively anonymous online persona?  

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