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  1. 10 minutes ago, grandjean87 said:

    More Allie news:

    Allie is entered in the steeplechase at the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday.  This is a Diamond League Meet with the world record holder, other sub-9 racers, and the top Americans.  I'm hoping Allie shatters her PR (which I think is likely). She is going to be talked about this week:


    Also, I saw that Allie has been selected for the USA team in the Pan American Games in Peru this August.  No confirmation she will race there, but she is listed on the team of two steeplers:


    Looks like it will be the first steeplechase that she doesn't win. Beatrice Chepkoech is the world record holder at nearly a minute faster than Allie's PR.  You never know though.  If the pace starts out slow, it could be anyone's race.

    Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Personal Best
    Beatrice Chepkoech (Kenya) 8:44.32 WR  
    Celliphine Chepteek Chespol (Kenya) 8:58.78  
    Norah Jeruto (Kenya) 8:59.62  
    Hyvin Kiyeng (Kenya) 9:00.01  
    Courtney Frerichs (USA) 9:00.85  
    Emma Coburn (USA) 9:02.58  
    Peruth Chemutai (Uganda) 9:07.94  
    Colleen Quigley (USA) 9:10.27  
    Daisy Jepkemei (Kenya) 9:10.71  
    Winfred Mutile Yavi (Bahrain) 9:10.74  
    Gesa-Felicitas Krause (Germany) 9:11.85  
    *Caroline Tuigong (Kenya) 9:28.81  
    Allie Ostrander (USA) 9:37.73  
    Xu Shuangshuang (China) 9:47.42   
    * = pacer  

  2. Also noted in this picture of defensive lineman - Casey Kline on the far right.  So it looks like he'll be a STUD instead of a more stereotypical LB like some expected.

    As for Matlock, he was listed at 250 coming out of high school, then 286 on the roster last year.  Now it looks like he might be 310+?  And coaches were originally considering grey-shirting him.  But now it looks like he will play a lot as a redshirt freshman.


  3. 1 hour ago, kingpotato said:

    Pretty under the radar guy. Different from many of the recruits Boise has been getting and from an area Boise doesn't normally recruit. I'm guessing he was at the camp and impressed the coaches. 

    It looks like he had an offer back in May from Boise State, but was hoping for a Minnesota offer.  He went to the Minnesota camp in June, looks like they didn't offer, then he committed to Boise.

    I think he looks like a good football player.  Strong tough kid that really seems like a guy we've been missing the last few years.  The hybrid FB/TE type of guy like Richie Brockel. 

  4. Which Redshirt Freshman will have the biggest impact this season?


    SLB Brandon Hawkins

    QB Riley Smith

    WR Maclaine Griffin

    QB Zach Matlock

    WLB Phillip Mills

    WR Billy Bowens

    CB Tyric LeBeauf

    CB Chris Mitchell

    DE Kukea Emmsley

    RB Danny Smith

    Stud Demitri Washington

    Stud Dylan Herberg

    OL Dalton Lins

    MLB DJ Schramm

    OL Kekanioko Holomalia-Gonzalez

    DT Scott Matlock

    OL Keegan Ulrich

    OL Dallas Holliday

    OL Garret Curran

    WR Stefan Cobbs

    TE Cole Ramseyer

    TE Kaden DeLuna

    TE Tyneil Hopper

    WR Connor Riddle

    NT Keeghan Freeborn

    DT Jackson Cravens (Utah transfer - won't be eligible


    I've heard the most buzz about:

    Hopper (even though Ramseyer actually saw the field for a few plays last season)

    Cobbs (getting praise from Rypien on twitter)

    Mitchell (played well at CB in spring game)

    Matlock (saw action last year as well and gets lots of praise for his hard work)

    Who else makes a big impact this year?


  5. 22 minutes ago, kingpotato said:

    ... according to the Idaho Press Tribune. They aren't done yet, but this is what it looks like so far.

    4) Chase Cord
    5) Khalil Shakir
    6) David Moa
    7) Zeke Now
    8 ) John Hightower
    9) Andrew VanBuren
    10) CT Thomas
    11) Jalen Walker
    12) Eric Quevedo
    13) Kekoa Nawahine
    14) Riley Whimpey
    15) Joel Velasquez
    16) Kekaula Kaniho
    17) John Bates
    18) Octavius Evans
    19) Deandre Pierce
    20) Chase Hatada

    At first glance, it's obvious that this is based on the ones who need to perform for Boise to be successful and less the ones that they already know are gunna show up.

    I was thinking its more like ‘who would it hurt the most to lose to injury’.

    3. Williams

    2. Cleveland

    1. Weaver

    That would be my top 3 remaining. Molchon gets left out, but he’d be top 10 on my list.

    I think the play at CB (and health) of Avery Williams and Jalen Walker plus a couple others behind them will define the season. If those guys can lock down 1on1, it could be a very special season.

  6. On 6/19/2019 at 8:53 AM, Slapdad said:

    If you read the small print, it says "wear any color". I'm not sure why they represented that with diagonal stripes....that would be one hell of a thing to pull off. 

    I've always thought they should put it on the ticket by seat - that way they could come up with some really cool designs - but you wouldn't know what it was going to be until game day - only the color of shirt you were supposed to wear.

  7. Riley Whimpey and Kekoa Nawahine also went on missions but not from Utah. They both had success and played as “true” freshman. And so did Lui. 

    So I think the “out of shape” returned missionary doesn’t hold much water. 

    None had BYU offers though, so that part may be partially true.

  8. 2 hours ago, Spazdog said:

    It doesn’t matter where you focus.  There are always diamonds in the rough.  Utah’s close and is bound to have those with the ability but need someone to give them a chance.  With that said, I think that commits that sign with a school and then go on a church mission should Be required to play for the school, at least for one year.

    I don't believe any of them sign...because signing is only good for the next year. They just commit which is non-binding.

    But I agree - they should be able to sign for 2-years in advance - then they wouldn't be able to switch last minute.  But then what happens when the entire coaching staff leaves?


  9. Boise State owns the State of Utah (5-2 vs. Utah, 7-2 vs BYU, 18-5 vs Utah State).

    So I think we are in a good position to steal some of the best football players in the state.  Idaho has 7 three-star or higher rated recruits for the class of 2020 (that's more than normal).  Utah has 23.  

    Boise has a sizeable Mormon population - so I think having returned missionaries is great and helps keep Mormons being fans of BSU and not switching to being BYU fans just because of the religious element.  They also seem to make good teammates and can handle adversity.

    We historically haven't gotten a lot of players there but I think we could steal a lot of guys from BYU now that they are independent and have struggled a bit.  But we haven't tried to recruit the area very much.  Sonatane Lui and Jackson Cravens are the only Utah guys on the roster.  Brayden Shipp seemed pretty solid before his mission.  Langi makes me wonder if he really wanted to go to BYU or Utah.  Never seemed that hyped about Boise and went on a mission last minute.  


    Sonatane Lui (6'-1, 290 NT)

    Jackson Cravens (6'-3", 295 OT) (Utah Transfer - originally from Provo)

    2019 - Lolani Langi (6'-2", 223 LB) - 

    2018 - Braydin Shipp (6'-6", 313 OL) - currently in Lima, Peru

  10. 2 hours ago, grandjean87 said:

    I’ve thought that the Evans situation is semi-moot. I think a healthy, OE doesn’t stay at BSU after 2020.  Redshirt or not last season, I don’t see him here in 2021.  We’ll see. 


    2 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    If he's as good as people say, he definitely has an NFL body. 

    Maybe, but WR is a very difficult position to get drafted at. Preston Williams left early from Colorado State last year. 6’-4”, 210...and caught 96 passes for 1345 yards and 14 touchdowns on the season. He went undrafted.

  11. 3 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    Hars annually seems to burn RSs on kids that barely play. Those might be the only two that see a significant amount of playing time, but I'd guess there will be a few more that don't RS. 

    The Octavius Evans situation last year still has me shaking my head...

    2 receptions for 12 yards..but "saw action" in 5 games.  So now he's a Junior instead of a Sophomore with 3 years left.


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  12. 2 hours ago, grandjean87 said:

    No clue, honestly.

    What about that big freshman short yardage back from Fresno?

    Marcus Washington - looks like he is no longer on the official Broncosports roster.

    Maybe the walk-on RB from Skyview HS and 5A SIC POY, Tyler Crowe?

  13. I think Holani and Kline are the only ones that look like they will burn redshirts for sure to me.

    Possibly Gavin Wale at punter. Nobody was very good at that spot last year. He may even have the talent to win the kicking job over Velasquez and the graduate transfer Sachse.

  14. Solid pickup.  Nearly a 4* DT out of HS even though he missed a season.  He will have to sit out 2019 but should be in the running for a starting DT spot in 2020.

    He's also 6'-3", 305.

    Sounds like he was in the running for more playing time last year as a true freshman but missed a lot due to injury.  Then was also injured in the spring and fell behind a couple guys.  Hopefully he can get healthy during next years "redshirt" season.



    HIGH SCHOOL: First-team 4A all-state as a junior at Timpview HS (Utah) before missing his senior season with an injury … 2016 All-Valley 4A Defensive Player of the Year … 2016 Region 7 Defensive MVP … two-time all-region … 2016 second-team All-USA Utah Football Team … three star recruit by 247sports and Rivals … 160 tackles (24.0 TFL, 13.0 sacks) as a junior … 63 tackles (3.5 sacks) and two passes defended as a sophomore.
    PERSONAL: Son of Ryan and Julie Cravens … three sisters … nephew of head football coach Kyle Whittingham ... cousins Jason, Tyler and Alex Whittingham all played football at Utah ... cousins Su’a Cravens and Jordan Cameron both played at USC and in the NFL … cousins Colby Cameron (Louisiana Tech) and Mufi Hill-Hunt (Michigan State) also played college football … has not declared a major.

  16. 2 hours ago, Spazdog said:

    It would be nice if he returns to BSU but I’m not holding my breath.  BYU, USU (BYU Lite) & Utah will be all over him when he’s done with his mission.

    That is my thought as well.  Although Boise has been pretty good at keeping these guys lately (Whimpey, Nawahine, Lui, and Miles).

  17. 52 minutes ago, kingpotato said:

    If I were to guess It'd be a JC OL. Moore and Dixon left unexpectedly, plus they will likely have to replace 4 of 5 on the OL next year, so having an older more experienced player would help there. Especially since the last two recruiting classes have been pretty thin on the OL. 

    Or maybe a transfer?  Somebody like one of these guys would be nice...



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  18. 19 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    The 2007 Fiesta Bowl team ran the ball 65% of the time. Running plays can mean a lot of things. That means QB options, RPOs, read options, QB draws, end arounds, fly sweeps, wildcat... all of which Boise has in the playbook. You're gunna see Khalil and Hightower running the ball, so there are ways to get the ball into the WRs hands without throwing it every down. They'll throw it too, but Boise has always run the ball more than they throw it. They are usually somewhere between 52-58% run heavy. Harsin's most run heavy team was 58% run... which happened to be the Fiesta Bowl team. 

    With the defense being a strength, a veteran OL, and an inexperienced QB, it makes sense to lean on the strengths and not rely on the most inexperienced part of the team. 

    Yeah, but 2004 and 2006 were the only years in the last two decades with >60%.  A lot of that extra 5% those years were because they were blowing teams out badly and running the ball in the second half.  That could be the case after a lot of games this year.  Also, Portland State, CSU, New Mexico, SJSU, Hawaii, and UNLV all had bad rushing defenses last year. So you may be on to something.  

    Hopefully AVB (or whoever starts at RB) averages 6+ yards per carry like Johnson did in 2006!  And if the QB could average more than the 2 ypc that Zabransky had - we could have a dominating balanced offense like 2014 (just hopefully without the interceptions).