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  1. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/mountain-west-football-2019-all-conference-team Fairly lazily researched, but this means we're getting closer to football season.
  2. Yeah, but did you ever score 4 touchdowns in one game?
  3. kingpotato

    New Blue Turf Rendering

    It would be cool if they put a hash mark one yard into the endzone of Lyle Smith Field. It would represent the 101 year life of the Grandfather of Boise State football. It'd be a cool way to honor the legend. I bet the networks would eat that up too.
  4. It seems that with such a limited activity level, having six different boards is pointless. I'm guessing that most of us never open most of them. I'd really prefer the format on the MW Board where all topics are on one. What would everyone else prefer?
  5. ... according to opposing coaches. That's surprising to me. https://watchstadium.com/news/mountain-west-basketball-coaches-rank-the-best-jobs-conference-05-08-2019/
  6. kingpotato

    Marcus Shaver, JR.

    Huge get
  7. kingpotato

    2019 Football Schedule Released

    Our bye weeks come before two of the weaker teams on the schedule. Not ideal. I don't see CSU being a top Mountain team. Boise, Air Force, and Utah State will be the top three. Wyoming will likely be 4th. CSU loses a ton off a pretty weak team.
  8. kingpotato

    DC Schmedding

    IMO, I believe Schmedding is the biggest question mark heading into the season. I understand that's bold with an offense that is replacing a good chunk of it's skill starters. But with an OL that was really clicking by the end of the year, a massive amount of talent in the wings, and a system that regularly replaces it's skill players, I'm confident that those positions will produce this year. Avalos was a complete stud and a big loss. Defensively the talent is there to be dominant IF Schmedding can produce. So I did some research on EWU defensively and I'm pretty impressed. I break down stats often and one of the things I really try and stay away from is total defense and lean towards ypp and efficiency defense. I do this because so many teams play at different paces these days so some defenses face way more plays in a game than others. On the surface EWU looks like they are middle of the pack in the FCS in many categories, but when you look at yards per play they are top-30 in most of the important categories. Top-30 ypp defense, top-30 scoring defense, top-30 pass eff def, top-40 ypc rush def, top-40 sacks. So they were certainly fairly stout, but where they really excelled was turnovers. They led the country in defensive TDs, were 2nd in TO gained, and 3rd in INT's. That's incredibly impressive to be that opportunistic while also seemingly not allowing teams to move the ball easily. With Spencer Danielson here to keep some continuity, I really think that Schmedding could end up being not just a filler DC, but an exceptional one.
  9. kingpotato

    San Jose

    Here's a video of the highlights. You can really see everything out of Alston. Running the floor, driving to the basket, shooting from the outside, finishing strong at the rim, and moving well without the ball. He wasn't in any of the highlights, but Hobbs had been incredibly consistent since coming back from injury. He is one of the leading scorers in conference play in the league. His defense has gotten better too. He'll never be a great defender, but he's not a liability like he used to be.
  10. kingpotato

    San Jose

    Alston showed a tremendous amount of variety to his game today. His game and build is incredibly similar to Kevin Durant. He gets bumped around when he drives a bit. I don't think he'll develop a build like Hutch did (different body type), but I think if he can get to 200-210# that'll be enough to finish strong even when there is contact. I've never seen a Boise player with arms the length his are.
  11. kingpotato

    Bereal arrested

    The unfortunate part, is that both of these incidents show a pattern of a lack of discipline. Both can be avoided with minimal effort. I really wanted to see him play, but I have a feeling he will not spend his entire tenure at Boise. Whether it's this year or a couple years from now, he is likely on the shortest leash in the student body... and he's barely been here for more than a semester.
  12. kingpotato

    Bereal arrested

    Battery and loitering charges. He hasn't been on the bench for the last few weeks, so he obviously had some issues he was working on. I fear we're not going to ever see Bereal play in a Bronco uniform.
  13. kingpotato

    Langi and Wale are signed.

    Blaylock in. That's it. Great class.
  14. Waiting on Blaylock. It sounds like there won't be any surprises. That's it.
  15. kingpotato

    Nevada v UNLV