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  1. Yeah, that was nuts how many injuries Boise had in the secondary and how many bombs Pachall threw over their head.. But even with all that, it was so flukey. Fumbling when the game was all but over. Quaylen Ewing trying to intercept the 2 point conversion when knocking it down wins the game. And ANOTHER, missed field goal. Just crazy how much went wrong at the end of that game.
  2. https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/55452/ozziah-williams https://247sports.com/Player/Ozziah-Williams-41800/ Looks like he is a Juco CB. Signed with Western Michigan and enrolled early. Obviously didn't like it and is transferring to Boise State. It looks like he has 2 to play 2 so he'll have to get a waiver to play right away. Depth at CB was one of my concerns going into the season. Obviously it was with the coaches too. They grabbed transfer Khafari Buffalo, brought Markel Reed in pre-bridge program, and now get a JC CB. They obviously feel like they need some help back there.
  3. Harsin is the only HC in the MW that has a winning record on the road. He's 23-12. Every other HC is sub .500 except Rocky Long who is .500.
  4. Agreed. It's going to be a close division. SDSU also misses both Boise and AFA which will likely be the top two teams in the Mountain and get USU at home.
  5. That's three FR and NINE teams where the QB had started less than four games. Boise was the only team that featured a full time starter that was a returning starter. This year for Fresno (assuming no injuries), every team except UNR returns their QB... although Fresno didn't see UNR's starter last year either.
  6. They do lose some key members, including the MW DPOTY, all three LBs (the strength of their defense last year), and four of their top five tacklers (five of the top seven). But that's not the reason why I see them being quite a bit worse this year. They saw an INSANE amount of new/FR/back up QBs. It's nuts. Let's look: vs Idaho - well they just suck and an FCS team should get their ass handed to them... especially when the coach plays his son at QB vs Minnesota - They catch them with a FR QB starting his second game ever. Not only that, they start NINE FR, including seven on offense. vs UCLA - again, they get a team starting a trFR playing in his third game and a team that is installing a brand new offense. One that sucked against everyone early in the season before catching on later. vs Toledo - Toledo actually never really settled on one QB after losing their starter the year before. They played two all year, but they had 260+ yards of offense, 3 TDs 1 INT, and put up 27 points. But both of the QBs were 1st year "starters" in their 4th game. vs UNR - Catches the spacepack in their first game without Gangi and face a QB starting his first game ever. vs Wyoming - Another FR. Vanderwaal actually ended the season with the worst pass eff rating of any starting QB in the country. He was later pulled in favor of a trFR until he was injured and TVW finished the season. vs New Mexico - First year starting QB who took over in the 3rd game of the season making his 5th start ever, under a brand new UNM offense that ended up being atrocious. Only SJSU's offense was worse (by 8 ypg). vs Hawaii - another first year starting QB, but at least, this QB was entering his 8th start and was clicking. Hawaii goes 20-34 for 280+ yards passing, 2 TD 1 INT, with another 60+ yards rushing. vs UNLV - another back up QB when Armani Rodgers goes down again. That offense hums with AR in there, but is garbage without him. vs Boise State - FINALLY! This is the first QB they faced all year that had any starting experience prior to this year. Ryp goes 24-30, 270 yards, 1 TD 1 INT, 30 more yards rushing. vs SDSU - After missing most of the year, Chapman came back and so this is the 2nd QB with starting exp, but the shuffled him and Agnew. They go 8-21 for 220 yards, 2 TDs no INTs, with another 20 yards on the ground. That was their 4th best passing total of the year. vs SJSU - Not only are they garbage, but AGAIN, they catch a back up QB making his first start. He does go 24-41 for 304, 2 TDs 1 INT. They did have a good game against Ryp in the MWCG, but neither team could move the ball with the snow and Boise was without Evans (for the year) and deep threats Hightower and Shakir. Fresno actually ended with 263 total yards in regulation. That was Boise's 3rd best total on the season defensively and Fresno's worst offensively. So the conditions were bad.
  7. kingpotato

    ESPN Win Metric

    We've seen him a little bit. He's really fast.
  8. kingpotato

    ESPN Win Metric

    http://www.espn.com/college-football/statistics/teamratings It's an interesting little formula. They only have Boise ranked 42nd, but here are some other tidbits. - Boise has the 9th best percentage in the country to run the table - They have the 3rd best percentage in the country to run the table in conference - They have the 6th highest win total prediction
  9. kingpotato

    Let's talk about the schedule

    Yeah, that worked out for Utah State last year. They had a horrible schedule, but blew out the teams they were supposed to beat.
  10. ... according to The Sporting News. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/list/sporting-news-2019-college-football-preseason-all-americans/t6e4xrd7ucaj1vjrnilk1sbuh/28
  11. Besides it being a pretty weak slate. Not only is this one of the rare years that Boise plays an FCS team, they also draw the weak three out of the West (UNLV, UH, SJSU), and their P5 team is coming off of their worst season in a gazillion years. Typically when it comes to the Access Bowl, Boise has two advantages. It has the national brand so they often get the benefit of the doubt having proven themselves many times. But they also, generally, have a strong SOS... which they won't have this year. Honestly, outside of Air Force (which should be very good this year), I don't see a single team on the schedule that will have more than 7 wins. Boise has gotten into the Access Bowl with two loses, but they almost certainly will need to go undefeated with this schedule. They lose to Florida State and there is almost no chance to make up for that loss. Speaking of Air Force. That is going to be a very tough game (per usual) and the schedule gods gave them to Boise early in the season on a short week. I can't think of a worse team to have a short week against. Then you have a rivalry game against an improved BYU team after seven straight weeks without a bye. Speaking of the bye, Boise gets theirs before SJSU... which is almost like having back-to-back byes. Then you look at two of their coldest destination games are the last two games of the season (Logan and Fort Collins). It's going to be a tricky season to navigate, but in the end it will be viewed as a weak slate.
  12. kingpotato

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    Yeah, he's produced a top-10 scoring offense in all three places he's been his first year. Two of those top-5 with one a #1 offense. That's very worrisome. They had, and should still have, a good defense. Phil Steele has them #3 on his "Most Improved Team" list and even has them as a "Roulette Chip" (long shot) title contender..
  13. kingpotato

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    This is actually one of my bigger concerns going into the game. Briles has been highly productive at every place he's been, including making the Boise State defense look silly in a bowl game. Three of the last four jobs were his first season as an OC at that school. So he's had quick results where he's been. To be honest, if it weren't for Briles coming in, I'd feel pretty good about this game. Right now, I'm not feeling good about it.
  14. IST interviewed Karl Benson. A lot of it was pretty normal stuff. Some was about the baseball program that he used to be a part of. but there were a couple of things I thought was very interesting. The first being that when the WAC initially split up, he initially recommended UNR and Boise as replacements for what they lost. The initial response was that UNR was a good fit, but schools like Rice, SMU, and Tulsa didn't feel that Boise fit the academic profile of the conference. He mentioned how that reputation has completely changed under Kustra and how much more a Boise State degree means than it did back then. He mentioned how different school presidents think of Boise State academically. The 2nd being the "value" of Boise State football. MW fans like to complain about the disproportionate distribution of conference funds. I believe Boise tends to usually get just under $3m a year is disbursement. He mentioned the original WAC contract without Boise was $1m a year. After Boise joined they were able to negotiate a $5m a year contract. He also said that when Boise left for the MW, ESPN immediately came back to the WAC and renegotiated it down to $1M a year. So, apparently, according to ESPN, the Boise brand is worth $4m a year... so the MW schools should be happy that Boise only gets $3m a year.
  15. kingpotato

    Don't sleep on Marshall

    Marshall is certainly a decent team. But these are games that Boise doesn't seem to lose. In fact, the last time Boise lost to a G5 in their OOC schedule (not including BYU who they play every year or Bowl games) was back in 1999 to Hawai'i, prior to their current run. In fact, I can't even remember the last one that ended up being close. I guess Troy a little bit, but they ended up with 200 total yards and it was a double digit win. I'm not trying to discount it, because I do think they will be very good and will likely win the CUSA. But it seems like every year we have one of these. Whether it's Bowling Green with Omar Jacobs at QB, Troy, Oo La La with Terrence Broadway, Toledo, or whoever. The reality is that Boise plays with a target on their back in almost every game, so games like these they seem to be more than prepared for.