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  1. I think it's hard to beat 50-3. Even Alabama hasn't lost three games or less over a four year period... so anything would be worse. I think Kellen and Pete were a magical combination, but if you take out the Kellen years, Pete and Harsin's records, championships, and BCS games are identical. So, no, there is no evidence that it is "trending down". It's been very level after a little spike. Let me ask you this; do you think the teams today are worse than the 2013 or even 2012 teams? Because if they are "trending down" then they should be significantly worse 5 or 6 years later.
  2. kingpotato

    San Jose

    Here's a video of the highlights. You can really see everything out of Alston. Running the floor, driving to the basket, shooting from the outside, finishing strong at the rim, and moving well without the ball. He wasn't in any of the highlights, but Hobbs had been incredibly consistent since coming back from injury. He is one of the leading scorers in conference play in the league. His defense has gotten better too. He'll never be a great defender, but he's not a liability like he used to be.
  3. kingpotato

    San Jose

    Alston showed a tremendous amount of variety to his game today. His game and build is incredibly similar to Kevin Durant. He gets bumped around when he drives a bit. I don't think he'll develop a build like Hutch did (different body type), but I think if he can get to 200-210# that'll be enough to finish strong even when there is contact. I've never seen a Boise player with arms the length his are.
  4. kingpotato

    Bereal arrested

    The unfortunate part, is that both of these incidents show a pattern of a lack of discipline. Both can be avoided with minimal effort. I really wanted to see him play, but I have a feeling he will not spend his entire tenure at Boise. Whether it's this year or a couple years from now, he is likely on the shortest leash in the student body... and he's barely been here for more than a semester.
  5. kingpotato

    Bereal arrested

    Battery and loitering charges. He hasn't been on the bench for the last few weeks, so he obviously had some issues he was working on. I fear we're not going to ever see Bereal play in a Bronco uniform.
  6. Harsin said they already have 18 offers out for next year's class. Next year's class should be bigger.
  7. The Broncos have been tending downward since 2011 according everyone else in the conference.
  8. kingpotato

    Langi and Wale are signed.

    Blaylock in. That's it. Great class.
  9. Waiting on Blaylock. It sounds like there won't be any surprises. That's it.
  10. kingpotato

    Nevada v UNLV

  11. kingpotato

    Nevada v UNLV

    If you are thinking of El Gallo Giro which later became Enrique's, it's closed down now.
  12. Wilmore seems fairly unlikely. Langi is trending toward Boise, where Wilmore is trending away.
  13. I'm pretty sure it would put Boise in the low 40s. Pretty close to the top 40. If they can snag a surprise high end recruit like they did last year with Hopper, they could very well be top-40.... even with the small class.
  14. Big blow. Wyoming was terrible defensively before he showed up. Honestly, Wyoming may have peaked a couple of years ago. They've gotten worse every year for three straight years and that trend could likely continue next year.
  15. Taysom Hill and Chase Blakely were both 4**** recruits.