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  1. 4rowsup

    Bereal arrested

    Would have been fun to watch that man's dunks.
  2. 4rowsup

    That sucks!!!

    We need a legitimate BIG. Utah state proves it. I believe the rest of our team makeup is somewhat similar. Good shooters that arent athletically superior. JJ not quite as good as Merrill but could get consistently better looks with a good big man inside. Do not believe Utah State has a player that compares to Alston. USUs point guard and Marcus are similar as well. Neither are great ball handlers or assist makers but both are streaky scorers. I believe Marcus is better on d. Also believe a good big would help Hobbs as the defense would not be able to sag on Hobbs when he drives. Our defense would be 100 percent better with a shot blocker. Right now our gaurds get beat, other team gets a layup or we have to fly around and get out of position.
  3. 4rowsup


    Yeah their attendance is really bad for a team doing so well. When we were up 1 at half I had a feeling it would be a grind out game with Fresno doing just enough to win.
  4. 4rowsup

    Bereal arrested

    Let's hope cooler heads prevail from all sides.
  5. 4rowsup

    San Jose

    That still amazes me. Anyone know the story on how he ended up at SJSU
  6. 4rowsup


    Agreed. The way Nevada shot we are lucky it was just 20.
  7. 4rowsup


    That was odd officiating. I have never seen so many plays reviewed, flagrant fouls, and intentional fouls.
  8. 4rowsup

    game time

    We were at the game. Heartbreaking loss team played tough. Definately improving. Had it in our grasp but it slipped away.
  9. 4rowsup

    Boise @ SJSU

    He needs playing time to get there.
  10. 4rowsup

    Boise @ SJSU

    Good game. Hope RJ is ok. I would have given him more time in the second half. We have to get him back to early season confidence. I believe we will need him as our schedule gets tougher.
  11. 4rowsup

    Oregon game

    I hope your wrong as well but my gut tells me you are not.
  12. 4rowsup

    Cam Christon Transfer

    Not sure it would be playing time. He has been out with a broken nose or so it seemed.
  13. 4rowsup

    Idaho State

    It is going to be a character building season. I can not figure out why RJ was on the bench the last 2 minutes. Does anyone recall when He was taken out? Could have used his energy.
  14. 4rowsup

    2020 Target

    That would be a good acquisition. A lot of big name schools still in the mix.
  15. 4rowsup

    Thoughts on the Bball scrimmage

    Most enjoyable sport to watch in my opinion.