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  1. smrftrf_lite

    Leighton Vander Esch 2019/20

    F**k. Makes it hard for me to hate the Cowboys now.
  2. smrftrf_lite


    I'd like to make 136K in 17 weeks...
  3. smrftrf_lite

    2019 Football Schedule Released

    7PM is a good start time. 8:30 in Logan in late November. Fuuuuuun....
  4. smrftrf_lite

    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    I'll take it!
  5. smrftrf_lite

    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    I didn't realize they only went 4-6 last year, I thought they were higher up. I wonder who I was thinking of.
  6. smrftrf_lite

    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    First, GREAT football name! Second, looks like he could be a nice pickup to shore up secondary depth this fall. Game experience, and The Citadel is pretty good, they have played FBS teams tough in recent years.
  7. smrftrf_lite

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    I'm out. Boy was invited last minute to play in a lacrosse tourney in Eagle.
  8. smrftrf_lite

    That sucks!!!

    Ags peaked at the right time, they were the best in the conference when it mattered most. The PAC-12 was W.E.A.K. this year (should not have been even a 3-bid conference), the Ags have a very legit shot at beating the Huskies
  9. smrftrf_lite

    13 Boise State at 4 Oregon State

    Yeah this is horseshit seeding. There is so little financial margin in women's b-ball, so the selection committee made sure 'big name' teams were seeded higher. Women's college ball suffers badly from a lack of parity.
  10. smrftrf_lite

    Women's Season

    I'm guessing that game was a little too close for their liking. Should light a bit of a fire under them for the rest of the tourney.
  11. smrftrf_lite

    Women's Season

    I was checking this morning, their RPI is 47, if they have a strong tourney they should get a decent seeding for a change.
  12. smrftrf_lite

    Fire Riddle

    Did he somehow find the coaching equivalent of tenure??
  13. smrftrf_lite

    Saturday games?

    I am interested in Notre Dame-Syracuse Well that was an ass-whoopin'. I would put ND ahead of Clemson in the playoff ratings right now.
  14. smrftrf_lite

    C of I football

    That's a bummer. If they could have been on the other end of a couple of those close losses early, they would have been a playoff team. Good on them to finish strong, and better luck next year!