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  1. bronco355

    Schmedding named DC.

    who would you hire then?
  2. You guys are absolutely ridiculous. This notion that all Nevada fans have a running tally of how many grandmas we've pushed down is just stupid. It's about quality, not quantity. Pushing over some spry granny who lives in an active retirement community scores much lower than a granny in a walker and, God willing, with some level of hearing loss or macular degeneration. BSU fans are the worst. THE WORST! big talk coming from scary maxwell demon i'm shaking now
  3. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/football/bachmeier-making-strong-early-impression-in-boise-state-quarterback-race/article_00901fc7-9cb8-5807-a404-aad74ff12bf6.html
  4. bronco355

    Schmedding named DC.

    the guy is 53-14 in 5 years give your head a shake spot 50b
  5. bronco355

    Schmedding named DC.

    spot50b what's the goal then national championships and 90 percent winning percentage instead of 10 plus wins and 80 percent winning percentage?
  6. bronco355

    QB Battle

    Bennett and Hank were both highly recruited
  7. bronco355

    QB Battle

    We have a lot of talent at the position
  8. bronco355

    wisc vs st johns 2002 on cbs

    because they are one of the most consistent programs in the country along with gonzaga bsu should thrive for