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  1. grandjean87

    RIP Dan Paul (1989-2019)

    Very sad. Saw this earlier. You just never know.
  2. grandjean87

    Florida State Preview

  3. It looks like that was Allie's last race as a Bronco per her Instagram post. I was hoping she might stick around for fall X-C and a run at an individual and maybe team title.
  4. grandjean87

    Don't sleep on Marshall

    Pretty sure I can sleep all I want w/o any effect on a game’s outcome. Fell asleep twice in ‘17. At SDSU and CSU. Those turned out well.
  5. grandjean87

    Scott Matlock looks biiiiiig

    I know a couple posters who do just that.
  6. grandjean87

    Great sign for Chase Cord

    Hank will RS if Cord wins the job and has a successful season. He would be in line to start at Qb for his final two years. Maybe that’s not enough for Hank and he transfers, but probably only if he gets passed as a #2 guy.
  7. grandjean87

    Don't sleep on Marshall

    Yeh. What I have thought, but styles make competition so maybe different.
  8. Sunday’s race time for Allie is 2:11 p.m. MST on NBC.
  9. grandjean87

    Don't sleep on Marshall

    Unless Randy Moss II suits up, I think we roll. The FSU game will impact one way or the other.
  10. Yeh. This one is not for the win. I think Allie will be in the 9:20s. Awesome if it’s the low 20s. Honestly, I don’t know what she is capable of in a fast field. But, as a freshman she did beat America record holder Courtney Frerichs in X-C.
  11. More Allie news: Allie is entered in the steeplechase at the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday. This is a Diamond League Meet with the world record holder, other sub-9 racers, and the top Americans. I'm hoping Allie shatters her PR (which I think is likely). She is going to be talked about this week: https://www.flotrack.org/articles/6519458-eight-2019-ncaa-stars-taking-their-talents-to-the-pre-classic Also, I saw that Allie has been selected for the USA team in the Pan American Games in Peru this August. No confirmation she will race there, but she is listed on the team of two steeplers: http://www.usatf.org/News/USATF-announces-2019-Pan-Am-Games-roster.aspx
  12. Jack and Pierre were cutting down a tree. Jack drew back his axe and accidentally sliced off his own ear. Pierre saw an ear on the ground and said Jack is this your ear? Jack said, “does it have a pencil behind it”?
  13. grandjean87

    Scott Matlock looks biiiiiig

    Yes he does. Had a security guard at our school for awhile the previous year who also helped coach at Homedale. For some reason he wasn’t that big on Scott. I figured BSU coaches knew a lot more. If the NFL doesn’t work out, maybe he can play a new version of the Highlander.
  14. grandjean87

    Great sign for Chase Cord

    Hank’s not the one we lose.