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  1. grandjean87

    QB Battle

    How can Hank go wrong with our stamp of approval? It’s going to be fun watching the battle and the outcome.
  2. Does the MWC forum still suck?
  3. grandjean87

    Wisconsin 2000 cinderella run

    Hicks, you still here?
  4. grandjean87

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

    Just setting the market. I hope.
  5. grandjean87

    Unluckiest team in basketball

    Unlucky in basketball, lucky in ...
  6. grandjean87

    wisc vs st johns 2002 on cbs

    You like my Barca-Real highlights?
  7. grandjean87

    wisc vs st johns 2002 on cbs

    Real Madrid was just snake-bit, the Barca keeper unreal, and Luis Suarez "bites" Real with a hat trick:
  8. grandjean87

    QB Battle

    It seemed that once Ryp hit his late stride that Cozy was put on a leash. I’m not sure that is the case, but agree with the premise.
  9. grandjean87

    That sucks!!!

    You were counting on them going farther?
  10. grandjean87

    QB Battle

    Hank, Cord, Smith, Bennett. All run threats.
  11. grandjean87

    QB Battle

    I’ll put my marker down and say, with apologies to Waylon Jennings and whoever wrote that old song, “did ol’ Hank really do it this a way”? I think it’s going to be Hank. He’s a year older than a normal incoming freshman. He’s highly talented, highly trained, and has two camps to prepare. The way Harsin spoke about him was a big clue, I think. Cord may win the job, but I think we are going to see another 4-year starter.
  12. grandjean87

    QB Battle

  13. grandjean87

    Schmedding named DC.

    @halfmanhalfbroncoand @Williamhicks Keep posting. I’ve been coasting.