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  1. grandjean87

    Florida State Preview

    Let's hope for the latter on point #5.
  2. grandjean87

    NCAA tourney win!!

    Roasted by Florida in game 2, but another win over Stanford sets up Florida again. Two wins is a good accomplishment. I doubt we get the necessary two more.
  3. grandjean87

    Maeva done

    HS football in the ‘80s:
  4. grandjean87

    Maeva done

    Yeh, but do it after the game not before. OKST game we are up 7-0 on the TD pass to Hightower. We’ve stopped Okie Lite on their first two drives( I think). Maeve has the RB in his space, but stumbles like a stoner and misses the tackle leading to a big gain. Momentum OKST from there out. I thought he was probably hurt. Maybe he was. Maybe his last last dance with Mary Jane knows no ends?
  5. grandjean87

    Allie O

  6. grandjean87

    Allie O

  7. grandjean87

    Allie O

    My oldest left BSU at #2 all-time on the steeplechase list. This new wave of runners at BSU are a level up.
  8. grandjean87

    Allie O

    Who’d ever think racers would get wet in the steeple
  9. grandjean87

    CDA QB in the Transfer Portal

    BSU wanted him out of HS. 4-star. Big and athletic. Some place else more likely.
  10. grandjean87


    CFL appears a real option. Pursuing dual-citizenship. Uncle Chris in the league. In the West, I think.
  11. grandjean87

    Graduate Transfer CB/Safety

    He ran 10.97 & 22.27 in HS (100/200m). That was in 2014. He’s definitely got some speed, but we’ll see how that translates on the field. Looks to be a solid pickup.
  12. grandjean87

    Next T & F Meet

    Ok. I'm guessing the 5k was a minor issue or planned dnf. Allie O with a solid 1,500 in 4:14.76 (4:35 mile conversion). Looks like a roughly one second pr for Allie. She needs some speed for the steeple 3-peat.
  13. grandjean87

    Next T & F Meet

    Allie O listed as a DNF late last night in the 5,000. Hope no injury. Saw one tweet indicating Allie did drop out.
  14. Very cool. I’ve (hopefully) a date with the Wasatch Front the following weekend. If I retire this summer, may go to Ft. Collins and/or the two Utah games.
  15. grandjean87

    Emma Bates

    First American behind Kenyans and Ethiopians: https://res.cloudinary.com/novatiming/image/upload/v1554670458/20190407_CUCB_10M_FEMALE_FINAL.pdf
  16. grandjean87

    Emma Bates

    Thanks alum. I know Emma. My oldest was a teammate at BSU. She ran into Emma training on the greenbelt a week or two ago. I'll tweet her a congrats.
  17. grandjean87

    More Track Speed

    21.36 today for BSU trackster. Too bad not a tall WR, too.
  18. grandjean87

    Not for good news

  19. grandjean87

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Probably still won’t make it, but I decided to plant potatoes today. Started, but raining now. We’ll see. I may go if it rains.