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  1. Was hoping for a bigger shakeup than this.
  2. Spot50B

    FSU vs BSU 2019

    I'm thinking this game will provide a huge amount of motivation for Florida State. They are coming off their first season without going to a bowl in like 35 years. Had they gone 8-4 last year, we may have been able to catch them by surprise but that ain't happening. Fresno is in a similar situation. They open up against a USC team coming off a losing season. USC and Florida State's coaches will be very motivated to try to make a statement against quality opponents in their opening matchups.
  3. We need a running QB for Harsin's offense to be effective IMO. I was not a Rypien fan but I think he is a better talent than Bachmeier. Cord is our best bet but this team will continue to underperform as long as Harsin is the coach.
  4. Spot50B

    San Diego State

    We lay a few eggs every season under Harsin. Every year our fans think this is an aberration but it is who we are
  5. Spot50B

    Oregon game

    Well, they did lose at home to Texas Southern a few weeks ago. Hoping that gives us a puncher's chance.
  6. Spot50B

    Cam Christon Transfer

    I know he had a broken nose but that didn't explain why he wasn't getting any playing time this year. It isn't like the team is so good or the talent is so deep that you wouldn't want to give everyone a shot to see what they can do. Besides, he was getting a lot of playing time as a true freshman last year-- at least early. He didn't do a whole lot but I thought he had as much potential as Alston.
  7. Spot50B

    Well, I have some thoughts

    Rypien has always struggled against good defenses. Harsin's offense needs a running threat at QB to be effective. I too think the offense will be better (score more points, though probably won't put up more yards) next year if Cord comes back strong. Our offense has been average at best under Rypien-- many of its deficiencies have been masked by our defense's ability to bail us out. Big passing numbers don't matter if you can't score in the red zone and running up the score on bad teams proves nothing-- just ask Utah State.
  8. The chatter I'm hearing is the Frisco Bowl possibly versus Army. Army is our worst nightmare. The triple option run to perfection...
  9. Pretty sure it's Oregon State...
  10. These games were announced on November 30, 2017. Exactly one year ago today. This is not new information. https://fbschedules.com/boise-state-nine-games-future-football-schedules/
  11. Spot50B

    Boise State streaks

    Should they beat Marshall, they will also have to win their bowl game to avoid a losing season. Virginia Tech has not had a losing season since 1992, which is pretty incredible. They did finish the regular season at 6-6 in 2012, 2014 and 2015 but won their bowl games in each of those years to get to 7-6.
  12. Florida State is going to be really motivated to turn things around next year and we will definitely get their full attention. No way they overlook us. I expect a lot of buildup and possibly even a little uncertainty from their fans. I think the fact that they are coming off a couple of bad seasons makes things tougher for us in some ways.
  13. Spot50B

    Sanford out at WKU

    If Harsin came here and went 6-7 his first season and 3-9 his second season, would you be good with that? Conference USA was the worst conference in college football last year and I'm sure near or at the bottom this year. I don't care how many seniors they lost, it is totally unacceptable. Also, hiring relatives is a big no no in my book (similar to starting your kid at quarterback like Petrino).
  14. I just hope there isn't a hurricane that week.
  15. Spot50B

    Sanford out at WKU

    He took over a team with a great offense coming off of two straight conference championships and six straight winning seasons and ran them into the ground. He tried to change a lot of things. You shouldn't try to fix things that aren't broken. I definitely think we dodged a bullet. Remember how our offense struggled in the second half most games when he was OC? That trend continued at Western. He also insisted on hiring his dad. Big mistake.