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  1. Spot50B

    Schmedding named DC.

    The goal is to be the best team in the conference and be good enough to complete with any team in the country. We have the talent and resources to be much better than this. Harsin is an average coach who is holding us back.
  2. Spot50B

    QB Battle

    Cord is the dual threat guy. If he healthy, he'll be the starter vs. Florida State. As mentioned above, only two guys have a legit shot. As long as Cord plays well, he'll start. I think Bachmeier will play in 4 games next year and keep his redshirt. He will only play more than that if Cord struggles or gets hurt. We might see one of our QBs transfer out after spring ball.
  3. Spot50B

    Schmedding named DC.

    MEH! Very underwhelming. We lost the best coach on the team. No way we just got better. Every year I hope some team will try to take Harsin off our hands, but he hasn't had any legit offers elsewhere as far as we know. Says a lot-- you average 10 wins a year, yet the team has truly underperformed.
  4. Spot50B

    Mark Few

    Yep-- but they have two championships. They also have a runner up during that timeframe and maybe one or two additional final four visits.
  5. Spot50B

    Mark Few

    Wisconsin and Gonzaga have 0 championships. That disqualifies them IMO. Villanova, Kentucky, UConn and Florida have been better over the past 20 years for that reason alone. Overall record is meaningless-- especially for Gonzaga, given some of their competition.
  6. Spot50B

    Bye Coach Avalos . Thank you

    I sure hope so. Would be a huge upgrade if that were to happen.
  7. I think Mahone was suspended for the bowl game for something (bad grades?). I do wonder if he will be with the team in the fall but, believe it or not, he was one of my favorite players last year. Good blocker, good at catching the ball out of the backfield and also struck me as one of those guys who would do anything for the team. It has to be frustrating to get in for a series, do a few things and then never get another touch in the game. That happened to him a lot. I don't see him as the feature back, but he brings a lot to the team IMO.
  8. To me, it is about execution. The 2012 team had a bad offense and a great defense but really wasn't all that talented-- yet they went 11-2 (and should have been 12-1). They weren't a great team by Pete's standards but played solid, disciplined football and found a way to win. The 2013 team was Pete's worst for sure, but even that team didn't have any terrible losses-- it was just average and didn't win the close games that Boise State usually finds a way to pull out. Harsin's teams are more talented than their opponents (with the exception of one or two games a year) yet seem to make a lot of mistakes and are generally undisciplined. They also have at least one head scratcher loss every year. Harsin seems to recruit better than Pete did, but his teams aren't better. To answer your question-- I think the 2012 team was better than every Harsin team except the 2014 squad (though I think they are pretty close; one had a great defense and the other had a pretty good offense). I think that the 2013 team was better than Harsin's 2015 team but worse than all of his other squads. Also-- I think every other team coached by Pete (2006-2011) is better than any team that Harsin has had (yes, even the team led by Taylor Tharp). The 2017 and 2018 Fresno squads haven't been that good-- we've just seriously gone down a notch. Any of Pete's squads from 2006-2011 would have beaten them by double digits.
  9. Things feel pretty meh right now. Great recruiting doesn't mean much if you don't develop players. Just ask Fresno. We will still win the league every 3 years but that is a disappointment given the talent and advantages Boise State has. We have been very spoiled. Harsin is not a bad coach but the other ones we have had this century have all been better.
  10. As well as actual imperical evidence. Do you think the team has trended up since 2011?
  11. That team improved a ton. And Arizona got much worse as the season wore on. Using your logic, by the end of the year, Oregon would have beaten Arizona.
  12. That was more a product of luck than anything. The team got soundly beaten twice-- including a loss to Air Force. The defense wasn't good and they lucked into a game with a very average Arizona team. Fresno's 2001 squad was at about the same level. The point is that the other top teams in the league hope Harsin stays forever. You are probably right about the Lloyd Carr comparison. Just a matter of time until we lose to our version of Toledo (but hopefully not Appalachian State)!
  13. I think it is clear that Boise State is not nearly as good as they once were. Everyone knows this: casual fans, opposing fans. Some die hards try to pretend otherwise but there is a reason why Harsin hasn't been offered by a bigger program. He's a slightly above average coach who has all of the advantages (like Pat Hill, he has better recruits, but not better teams). He's got a great DC and a great defense with a subpar offense. I hope a running QB will make the offense more multiple. I don't know if Rypien was overrated or if the scheme didn't fit him (probably a bit of both) but his teams couldn't score against any defense with a pulse.
  14. Spot50B

    2019 Football Schedule Released

    Troy would have beaten them by 10 last year.
  15. Was hoping for a bigger shakeup than this.