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  1. Spot50B

    Boise too play Georgia tech

    We had no go to guy last year. Unless that changes, I don't see 20 wins. Jessup is our leading returning scorer and he can be pretty easily neutralized by any decent defensive team. He is so streaky that he can neutralize himself a good portion of the time.
  2. Spot50B


    Well, both of them are now at Idaho...
  3. Spot50B

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    I expect Florida State to be much improved. They have a lot of talent, obviously. Our defense got manhandled by Okie State last year. We have to be able to score about 28 points to win this game.
  4. Spot50B

    Don't sleep on Marshall

    They aren't as good as Troy
  5. Spot50B

    Likely to play as trFR

    They have to play in 5 games, so it really would have to be purposeful. That being said, injuries happen and I also think they sometimes try to balance out the class sizes.
  6. Spot50B


    Cobbs was the guy that stood out at the scrimmage.
  7. Spot50B

    Florida State Preview

    Our defense struggled against the run vs. Oklahoma State. I think we will have to score more than 28 to win.
  8. Spot50B

    New Blue Turf Rendering

    I use one piece as a floor mat in my garage.
  9. Spot50B

    Boise State vs. South Florida

    Interesting matchup. Should garner some fan interest. Great for recruiting. I like it.
  10. Spot50B

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Did you see Bachmeier at the scrimmage? He looked like the stockiest of all the QBs. I even double checked with a friend, who agreed.
  11. Spot50B

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    I'm not confused. I know which one is which but I did look at their measurables and you are correct-- Smith is the bigger guy. This surprised me because I really thought Bachmeier looked stockier (not taller). Did anyone else think he looked big? If Bachmeier really is 185 pounds, then he sure looked slow to me at that size.
  12. Spot50B

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Yes, but he certainly didn't separate himself in any way either. I think you go with Jaylen if you don't think anybody else shines enough to win the job. Or-- you go with Jaylen because he is a senior and that means several of these QBs are still in the running for the job in the future and may not choose to transfer out. I think Cord benefited from nobody separating themselves because he was ahead of Jaylen before he got hurt. From a fan perspective, I think Smith and Bennett might seem like more viable options now but I doubt this game has any effect on how the coaches see these guys.
  13. Spot50B

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    I cant remember if Bennett threw a pass to Cobb or not but the play that stood out was the pass thrown by Smith on third down that Cobb caught on the sideline. Agree that our defensive front should be good but linebackers are a concern. I think if we saw more running plays, there would have been a lot more yards gained there. When you have a running clock, run plays eat up a lot of time so I suspect that this (and the fact there are a ton of QBs) is why we saw so many passes. 5 yard runs up the middle seemed to be there all game.
  14. Spot50B

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    There were so many QBs playing that it made it really hard to have any real takeaways from the game. The scrimmage went by really fast. They all only had 2 or 3 drives, except Matlock who only had one. It was also hard to tell who was going up against the #1 and #2 defense because all defenders wore the same color and were switching out reguarly. So FWIW... Henderson probably had the best day overall but his numbers were a little padded by some great plays by his WRs (the RBs seemed to get more yards when he was in too). Henderson didn't impress me when he got out of the pocket as much as I would have hoped. He seemed a lot less accurate. Riley Smith was a pleasant surprise. If Henderson was 1, he might have been 1a. He throws a pretty nice ball and is reasonably mobile. Cobbs made the catch of the day on the ball thrown by Smith. I liked Kaiden Bennett a lot more than I thought I would. He appeared to be the fastest/most mobile-- though I think Cord is probably faster (at least pre-injury). Made mostly shorter throws but used his movement to open the defense up a little bit. The QBs all were down when touched so mobile QBs were at a disadvantage in the scrimmage. Hank Bachmeier has good pocket presence. He is also the biggest QB we have in terms of his overall build and has a nice arm. He appeared to be the slowest/least mobile and was not accurate (a few balls were thrown 10 feet over peoples heads, out of bounds). He had three drives and only got one first down and that was on a handoff. He was the only QB that was unable to move the ball down the field. Again, I don't think this is that big of a deal at this point so don't read too much into this. Zack Matlock looked better than any walk-on QB I can ever remember seeing. In his only drive he moved the ball about 75 yards and had some good completions, This really is the deepest group of QBs I've ever seen here. The problem is, only one can start. Also, Cord hasn't had the chance to take the field because he will certainly be a factor.
  15. Spot50B

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    I'll be there but I think the rain will keep a lot of people away. This is the earliest I can remember them holding this game.