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  1. Spazdog

    Let's talk about the schedule

    We should dominate in our conference games, including the game with USU. The key is going to be keeping a business like approach. Just take care of business. I don't believe wins against UNLV, for example are going to move the needle much when it comes to NY6 games. But, winning convincingly in our conference schedule and faring well in the games of media interest, FSU & BYU coupled with poor showings in the AAC,we can get back to a big payday this year. FWIW, I really like this defense this year. If we can stay healthy, the NY6 game will be within our reach. JMO.
  2. Our defense will be solid. Class of the conference.
  3. What do we have to do to improve our position? First, work deals to actually get good teams to play in the preconference season at the Pavillion. Remember the crowd when LSU and Huggins’ Cincinnati team came to play? People will come to games to watch big name teams. I’m a season ticket holder and try to go to most home games but playing teams like Central Washington barely moves the needle on the thrill meter. It’s a game that Rice can count on to get to his 20 win bonus. Find a way to get deals 2 for 1 deals and compete. Win a few of these games, get some interest from the community and sellouts will follow. Oh, FWIW, BYU is not one of those teams. Playing them at the Pavillon will put butts in the seats but a good number of those butts are not Bronco fans.
  4. Spazdog

    So, recruiting in Utah.

    Regarding a change in coaching, I understand their desire to change their mind. But smaller schools have a limited budget for recruiting and other expenses. The schools spend their limited resources in hopes of getting a commitment from a coveted player only to lose the player after he returns from his mission. In my opinion, when a player commits, it ought to be an actual commitment.
  5. Spazdog

    So, recruiting in Utah.

    It doesn’t matter where you focus. There are always diamonds in the rough. Utah’s close and is bound to have those with the ability but need someone to give them a chance. With that said, I think that commits that sign with a school and then go on a church mission should Be required to play for the school, at least for one year.
  6. Spazdog

    Langi on a Mission

    It would be nice if he returns to BSU but I’m not holding my breath. BYU, USU (BYU Lite) & Utah will be all over him when he’s done with his mission.
  7. Yahooo! Congrats to Allie! 3X National Champion!
  8. Spazdog

    Florida State Preview

    I really like this defense. Great, experienced players with chemistry and a chip on their shoulder. This defense plays well together. The defense will keep us in the game. The question mark to me is the offense. But I trust that Zak Hill will get them dialed in, too.
  9. Spazdog

    Unveil the Blue...

    Another great event. FWIW, the turf is awesome. I had the opportunity to walk around last summer on the Blue. There’s a HUGE difference between the old and the New Blue. Got pictures with several Broncos, too.
  10. Spazdog

    I’m confused

    Please forgive my ignorance, but who is Dominic Dominguez?
  11. Check out the new Blue Turf on Wednesday at 5:00p for BAA members, 6:00p for the general public. Hob nob with your friends,coaches and players. Hope to see you there!
  12. Spazdog

    BSU Alumni Assoc. BBQ

    It was an awesome evening at the alumni center. Great turn out, food food and great company! Got a picture or two of Spaz with Moa, Weaver, Molchon, Avery Williams, Kaniho and Nawahine. It was a fun event. If you are a member of the alumni association, you may want take in the BBQ next year. To join the association, you can go online at: https://www.boisestate.edu/alumni/.
  13. Just a reminder, on Wednesday, May 29 is the annual alumni association BBQ at the Alumni & Friends center. Being a member of the alumni association for 20 or more years, I hadn't been to the event until about 4 or 5 years ago. For more information, please visit their website at: https://www.boisestate.edu/alumni/. Hope to see you there!
  14. Spazdog

    Athlon's All Conference teams

    Preseason rankings are nice, they are meaningless. Let’s get thru the season and then look at actual all conference rankings.
  15. Spazdog

    Florida State Preview

    Not me. I want FSU to start 0-1 and the win out.