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  1. Spazdog

    That sucks!!!

    They gotta get past Washington before they can think about UNC.
  2. Spazdog

    That sucks!!!

    I have a lot of history with USU. And it’s not complimentary to them.
  3. Spazdog

    That sucks!!!

    Utah State won the MWC basketball tourney. We’ll never hear the end of it. I do not like them. At. All.
  4. Anything Vitale is over the top. He talks to hear himself talk. I can’t stand the guy.
  5. Spazdog

    Unluckiest team in basketball

    Call it what you want, but it's not bad luck. I believe you create your own luck by the actions that you take in a given situation. Our problem is that we are not able to finish.
  6. Spazdog

    Mark the Bronco is back

    I listed the names off the top of my head. I don’t know how I failed to list Potter. I didn’t realized Efaw & Shoemaker made it to NFL camps. My point is that 2010 & 2011 teams had the best talent for BSU. Ever. And now there’s talk about the 2019 team having as much or more talent. Can’t wait to see the Seminoles & Broncos square off in Jacksonville.
  7. Spazdog

    Mark the Bronco is back

    Over the past two nights I watched the Georgia and Virginia Tech games. Awesome games! These were two of the best games in the Kellen Moore years. These teams were loaded with NFL talent. In 2011 against Georgia, we had Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Leno, Paradis, Titus Young, Austin Pettis, Shea McClellin, Chase Baker, Billie Winn, Tyrone Crawford, Jamar Taylor, Jerrell Gavins, George Ilona. All of these made it an NFL camp or played in the league. I can’t remember if Thomas Byrd made it to an NFL camp. Mike Atkinson AKA. Canadian Bacon went on to play in the CFL. These were arguably the best all around teams that we have put on the field. It’s crazy that we may have a better team in 2019. Simply crazy.
  8. It's not just senior night at TBA on Saturday. It's also Alumni Night. It's the last chance to see the Broncos at home this season. Here's more info: https://www.boisestate.edu/alumni/event/alumni-night-at-mens-basketball/. I've got season tickets and will be there.
  9. Spazdog

    Nevada at USU

    Hair basically tell each school to take care of reprimands on their own. In other words, “Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.”
  10. Spazdog

    Mark the Bronco is back

    I watched the 1994 Marshall game from the list of games. The announcers have Marshall the win before kickoff. We didn't play well for the bulk of the first half and they got more and more impressed with the Thundering Herd. Then Hilde got hurt and in came Mark Paljetak. He finished the half with a quick TD pass to Lee Schrack, which I think turned the tide. It was a good game to watch, reliving some Pokey Allen memories.
  11. Spazdog

    Nevada at USU

    Utah State defeated Nevada last night in a foul fest. Lots of post game drama there. It will be interesting to see how things get sorted out. Meanwhile, BSU loses another game that it should have won...
  12. Spazdog

    Bye Coach Avalos . Thank you

    I thought we made it thru the coaching carousel season. Oh well, good luck Andy!
  13. Spazdog

    Mark the Bronco is back

    Thanks to Mark the Bronco, this morning I watched the Fresno - BSU game from 2001. What a great game. A game that I feel really brought legitimacy to our program defeating the #10 ranked Bulldogs in a sold out stadium in Fresno.
  14. Spazdog

    Utah State...

    Broncos lose 77 to 71. They compete but can’t complete.
  15. Spazdog

    Utah State...

    Down by 3 with 1:00 left in OT. Broncos clearly frustrated. Aggie ball.