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  1. halfmanhalfbronco

    Ryp @Shrine_Game

    Up and down performance with Ryp. Took a sack he could have easily avoided by throwing it away, fumbled a hand off in a critical situation, but showed off his arm talent. Microcosm of his play here at Boise State tbh.
  2. halfmanhalfbronco

    Alex Hobbs

    Hobbs has to become the guy we run the offense through in crunch time.
  3. halfmanhalfbronco

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    I am pretty sure 355 is a Russian bot and Blue collar is 3 dogs in a trench coat pretending to be human.
  4. halfmanhalfbronco

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    Why has this board attracted so many people who can barely speak English?
  5. halfmanhalfbronco


    Glad Harsin is not putting up with anything.
  6. Wishing you and yours the best this Holiday season and the year to come.
  7. halfmanhalfbronco

    Mike Stanford

    There is only so much illiteracy a man can take.
  8. Duncan will likely get another bump and was not really a camp kid at all. His ranking has more to do with his combination of size, speed and versatility. This year there was a dearth of high end talent in the 2019 class. Add to that the level of recruit we went after this year was significantly higher than ever and we have fewer schollys to give and what you see is only one kid in the state with an offer. The coaches scout this state very well. There are some higher end prospect in the gem state next year that will be receiving offers.
  9. The best player in the state did get a scholarship offer and is committed to the Broncos.
  10. halfmanhalfbronco

    Boise State Football Class of 2019 commits

    Dylan Hall crystal balled to Boise. 7 P5 offers and an Ivy.
  11. halfmanhalfbronco

    FCS Semi-Finals

    Should be a classic strength vs strength battle.
  12. halfmanhalfbronco

    One Week Ago Tonight

  13. halfmanhalfbronco

    No 6-6 team should ever play in a bowl game

    More football is never a bad thing. In 6 months most of the "why are 6-6 teams playing" crowd would kill to watch Toledo play play Ga Southern or whatever.