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  1. halfmanhalfbronco

    So, recruiting in Utah.

    Inspired by a thread on that other board, half the posts got deleted. Thought I would start one here. Benefits? Drawbacks? Mormons, are they better teamates after a mission then an average recruit? Byu sucks. Discuss.
  2. So proud. Wow. If she can win a XC title next year and win a 4th steeple she will go down as the greatest Bronco athlete of all time IMHO.
  3. halfmanhalfbronco

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Sounds like the WR's balled out. Lots of weapons.
  4. halfmanhalfbronco

    More Track Speed

    His potential is through the roof.
  5. halfmanhalfbronco

    George Illoaka is a Dallas Cowboy

    4 starters on the Dallas D are Boise State players.
  6. halfmanhalfbronco

    Our girls lose in OT.

    Girls should have been seeded a little higher. The team we return next year will be really, really good.
  7. halfmanhalfbronco

    Our girls lose in OT.

    Got robbed by the refs at the end of regulation.
  8. halfmanhalfbronco

    QB Battle

    Hank is the man.
  9. halfmanhalfbronco

    That sucks!!!

    May I ask why? IMHO they are no worse than SDSU's "the show" or Reno fans.
  10. halfmanhalfbronco

    QB Battle

    This. Every QB on the roster is very mobile.
  11. halfmanhalfbronco

    QB Battle

    It's going to be Hank or Chase. We all kind of know it.
  12. halfmanhalfbronco

    Schmedding named DC.

    That is some high praise.
  13. halfmanhalfbronco

    Schmedding named DC.

    A little underwhelming IMO. Danielson named Co-DC. Also brought in a former Clemson graduate assistant to coach inside linebackers.
  14. halfmanhalfbronco

    Bye Coach Avalos . Thank you

    Per whom?