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  1. If you read the small print, it says "wear any color". I'm not sure why they represented that with diagonal stripes....that would be one hell of a thing to pull off.
  2. Slapdad

    Maeva done

    I don’t really have a problem with weed, but most credible studies show that those who smoke weed require more narcotics for pain control rather than using it in lieu of opioids, so I don’t buy those that say they’re doing it for pain management reasons.....they just want to smoke weed.
  3. Slapdad

    Nevada v AF

    I missed the game....did it work out the way you wanted?
  4. Slapdad

    I hope you guys are ready.....

    Those are some impressive sentences, but they won’t save you from the wrath!!
  5. Slapdad

    game time

    The UNM cheerleaders put Visine in our player's soup the night before. Standard operation for UNM....where do you think they got the name "The Pit"?
  6. Slapdad

    I hope you guys are ready.....

    Probably not, but that's irrelevant! Such a Boise thing to say.
  7. Starting in 2019, Nevada will no longer be fooling around and you guys will be on the business end up some whuppin's. Discuss.
  8. Slapdad

    game time

    Ha! You realize that if a football game that is close and an opposing fan said this, you'd be up in arms, don't you? Nevada get's everyone's best shot, just as BSU does in football. I'm not sure why anyone would toss out the "overrated" thing for a team they beat or even play close anyway. That being said, it was a great game to watch and Boise's zone gave Nevada problems all night.
  9. Slapdad

    Who is our rival?

    History and geography make a rivalry, not the wins/losses. Oklahoma is 82-17-7 over OSU, but they still know it's a rivalry. Texas is 62-46-5 over Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, but it still endures. Washington is 67-31-6 over WSU, but the Apple Cup still holds up as a rivalry. Even though BSU is 16-1 over Nevada since 1999, the series was 14-12 before the Broncos started their great run (with some close games during that time). The rivalry that started in the Big Sky didn't stop being a rivalry because Boise State became a great program. Nevada is 12-3 against UNLV the past 15 years and they're still one of our main rivals.
  10. Slapdad

    Who is our rival?

    I know. ?
  11. Slapdad

    SDSU v Nevada

    I told you that we let of the Gas with you guys. We were saving it for SDSU.
  12. Slapdad

    I Have a Confession.

    How long has it been since your last Big Sky game my son?
  13. Slapdad

    Feels good beating Nevada.

    By the way, how many of you made the trip to Reno for the game? If you went, how did things go? Are there any stories of plundering or being accosted by Nevada fans? I happened to see someone on BC post that people were coming over in front of the BSU band and flipping the bird, but to be honest I 1) Don't believe a word on that board and 2) have a hard time that any Nevada fans care that much any more. But I thought I'd ask those that were there.
  14. Well yeah....if you felt that strongly about taking it off line, I would think you would have taken there. As far as feelings getting hurt, seem like you arrived there well before me. I'm a moderator on the Nevada board and have been on many boards as well as owning two others over the years and not once have I or one of the other moderators made a point to discourage cross posting. But it's your board.
  15. Since when? It’s not like they’re both BSU boards. I’ve been in this game a long time and I’m going to go ahead and call a bullshit on this. In fact, the only reason I knew that this board existed was because of a post from you on the MWC board. ?