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  1. Williamhicks

    Florida State Preview

    I think our Defense will give their new offense fits. They get to try their new offense against us. Good luck with that. Our special teams should be much improved. Big question mark at QB for BSU.
  2. Williamhicks

    Maeva done

    Damn near every guy on my HS FB team in the 80's smoked weed. Never before a game, but often right after at the pit party.
  3. Williamhicks

    Maeva done

    Fucking stupid that Marijuana is still illegal. Ball players smoke weed to deal with pain and recovery instead of getting way more powerful and addictive opiates from the doctor. Thats so fucking backwards.
  4. Williamhicks

    Who is the current owner of this board?

    @kingpotato The "All activity" button at the top of the forum is what you want. It is the only page that I look at, it is the page that I have saved on my browser. Also, on the main page of this forum, you can also click on the "fluid" button.
  5. Williamhicks

    Marcus Shaver, JR.

    Pretty sad that he picked Portland over us.
  6. Williamhicks

    New Blue Turf Rendering

    I have a big box full of turf that was ripped out in 2008. Still dont know what to do with it.
  7. Williamhicks

    Allie O

    Oh, thats right. I dont know much about steeple chase. I keep looking for the horses.
  8. Williamhicks

    Allie O

    Looks like it was pouring rain too.
  9. Williamhicks


    Ryp can find interceptions in most any situation.
  10. Williamhicks

    I miss these guys

    That was an amazing play. Passes that deep are usually hail mary's. That was a designed 70 yard play to Titus.
  11. Williamhicks

    CDA QB in the Transfer Portal

    Id love to see Yankoff come to BSU
  12. Williamhicks

    DC Schmedding

    We upgraded our defense bigtime. We are lucky to have this guy and I hope we can keep him for a while.
  13. Williamhicks

    Boise State vs. South Florida

    Wish it was UCF
  14. Williamhicks

    I miss these guys

    The winningest QB in the history of College Football. I wonder if anyone will ever break that record. The record that really counts.
  15. Williamhicks

    So this is where he landed...

    I consider that a move up from his last job.