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  1. That game still gives me fits. Nevada game too.
  2. Williamhicks

    ESPN Win Metric

    And we haven't even seen the guy who throws the ball
  3. Williamhicks

    RIP Dan Paul (1989-2019)

    Wow, this really sucks. RIP Dan
  4. Williamhicks

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    That Oline will not be ready for our defense. They will score some points and there will be some big plays, but our defense has too much coming back. Also, I think we just upgraded at DC.
  5. Kendal Briles is the son of disgraced ex Baylor coach Art Briles. I feel bad for Kendal, not for all the shet that his Dad got him into at Baylor. I feel bad for him right now as he is charged with taking last year's 124th ranked offense in CFB and trying to get it ready for Boise State in a key well televised matchup to start the season. Last year, the wheels fell off for Florida State. And a lot of blame went around. But the achilles heel for FSU was it's lack of an offensive line. Offensive Tackle Landon Dickerson got hurt and then the dominoes began to fall for the entire offensive line. The QB had almost zero protection and Florida State experienced it's worst season in 40 years. So, Briles has a good QB in Blackman. He also has some talented and explosive WR's, and a new oline of juco's, grad transfers. And now he is sitting down a looking at game tape of what we have coming back on defense and is probably shitting in his pants. We have a talented and experienced defense. I imagine that Briles is watching both BSU Defensive gametapes to see tendencies of our many returning players and also watching EWU game tape to get an idea of what our new DC will be doing with all of our returning defensive talent. Florida State's Offensive line will not be ready for this game. Our Secondary must be ready to cover the desperation big play attempts as their QB scrambles for his life. I have no idea who our QB will be, but I have BSU winning this game 38-24.
  6. Williamhicks


    I think the time is right, she has nothing left to do in College.
  7. Pretty impressive - https://broncosports.com/news/2019/7/1/general-boise-state-tops-among-g5-schools-in-directors-cup-standings.aspx
  8. Williamhicks

    Great sign for Chase Cord

    Yep, but what do we do with Hank? Im sure he knows not to piss off any balconies.
  9. Williamhicks

    Don't sleep on Marshall

    Hell no, anyone remember Virginia?
  10. Got my Phil steele magazine last night, spent some time reading up on our opponents. Marshal is going to have a pretty darned good Defense this year, they replace half of their front seven but return a very good secondary. They also return three QB's who all got playing time last season due to injuries. They also have a very good pair of RB's. They also have most of their offensive line coming back, plus a former Blue Chipper who started 9 games at Florida State in 2017, before being dismissed for "dating violence". He gets a 2nd chance at Marshall and the boy is huge. They lost their top WR from last season, and this is good for us but they have talent coming back. They went 9-4 last year. Marshall is not to be overlooked. We must get the stadium loud and proud. Go Broncos
  11. Williamhicks

    Scott Matlock looks biiiiiig

    Boy that would be the wrong group of guys to piss off.
  12. Williamhicks

    Great sign for Chase Cord

    All Chase did last year was run for touchdowns. Our offense needs that sneaky angle.
  13. Williamhicks

    Great sign for Chase Cord

    Yeah, pretty sure that he's ready and will be the starter. I just hope that we don't lose Hank.
  14. Because their coach got a better job during the offseason and they wont be good again for a while. More of a Hockey school anyways.
  15. The AAC is going to stay at 11 teams in Football. I would imagine that nobody is interested in joining the AAC for football only. Well, cept for the Idaho Vandals, but who wants those losers? Each article "mentions" Boise State not being a serious replacement option. And, we aren't. In other news, BYU still sucks as an indy.