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  1. Williamhicks

    Kellen Moore rumored to be new OC in Dallas

    This is probably Jason Garret's last season as HC in Dallas.
  2. I don't have a link, I'm on my phone. But just saw it on ESPN. This has got to be one of the fastest promotions from player to QB coach for one season to Offensive Coordinator in the history of the NFL. OC is a high paying position. Way to go Kellen!!
  3. Williamhicks

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    That Clemson kid is one hell of a rusher, if you haven't heard yet. That's what makes him so dangerous in the Shotgun. He only uses it when he has to.
  4. Williamhicks

    Jalen Hurts to Transfer

    I wonder if the Vandals have reached out?
  5. Williamhicks

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    That's the beauty of our offense with a running capable qb. Hedrick would take off only after seeing nobody was open half the time. A Running QB that can take hits and not fumble, those kids turn nothing plays into 6 yards. Even when a block is missed or wr's running routes way off, it is a coulple or more yards instead of a loss of three with a pocket qb. Gotta be a tough smart kid, though.
  6. Williamhicks

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    But he couldn't constantly check down more than two wr's, his balls were 50 50 on target at best, and he couldn't hold the ball. With Kellen, we all knew he couldn't run. But he was the rare kind of QB who now only could call his own plays but also knew what his teammates could and couldn't do. Knew were they would be precisely, 4 seconds before they would be there and hit them in stride. Not just the arm, he had in off the charts grasp of the timing of everything. Remember all of those sacks that he would sidestep while looking the other way? He was counting when he had to sidestep by the time it would take for that defender who launched at him 2 seconds ago would be, without even looking back. Cant be taught, can't be coached. But he and his team mates were all executing at the same time, and that's what made it all so rare for a small school. Small schools have weakness at a few spots, especially as the season drags on, and then they lose games they shouldn't. This is what makes it so hard for small schools to successfully win 10 games or more per season, thats what made our runs of those seasons so special. Z would get crushed in the MWC, those bowls wouldn't have happened, cept for 2006. We need a running QB. A running QB makes up for a couple weaker staffed spot on an offense, those last second as the line is collapsing 6 yard runs are devastating. No college kid is my hero, I just dont talk so much shet about kids as you @Bluerules
  7. Williamhicks

    Cornerback Coach

    We are not a big program now. Not even close to being a big program. But we are bigger than Utah State, and schools like that. We poach from smaller schools too. Little fish gets eaten by bigger fish, who gets eaten by even bigger fish, who gets eaten by even bigger fish, who gets eaten by Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State. Coaches move up the ranks. It's been going on for years and years. But we are not a big program now. We are a little bigger than we used to be, but are still very small fish. We arent even in the top 100 https://thebestschools.org/features/richest-universities-endowments-generosity-research/
  8. Williamhicks

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    Oline play dictates everything. Gotta be able to have some control on the line of scrimmage, and we often do not. Under Pete, we often controlled the line of scrimmage very well. A small school like BSU has no business recruiting pocket QB's. Everything with every position on the feld has to go right for a pocket QB to be successful and we do not have that luxury. The most efficient offense we have had since the Pete years was Grant Hedrick's last 9 games of his senior year. When he figured out that it's ok to take off running when the play broke down we started tearing defenses apart, and Grant Hedrick was a little dude, but very football smart. I honestly hope that we never have another pocket passing QB at BSU. We will never have the right Oline, WR's executing at a high enough level at the same time to support a Pocket passing offense. I dont give a shet about how hyped or how many stars a pocket QB recruit may have, he will not have the success that a dual threat QB will have at BSU. I'm worried about 2019. We have a coach that knows we cant afford to fire him and a strong chance of another non performing oline trying to protect a new qb.
  9. Williamhicks

    BSU should learn from Wisconsin's o line

    Yeah, we should implement a grammar test as part of registration. Then we can have even less active members.
  10. I watched this kid this season after he took over the team after the 4th game of the season. This kid, if he survives the mind job of hype and admiration as a FR, could be one of the best ever. Seriously has the skills, coaching, team mates, and scary natural instincts. Not only did he throw all over a damn good Bama team, did anyone else see the runs he had towards end of the game where he was carrying Bama's best defenders on his back and on their asses for 8-10 yards a piece? Watching his helmet movements and plays develop, he is checking down all over, many throws were 3rd 4th option wr's thrown milliseconds before the hit on the best Biltz's Bama could throw at him and the kid was putting the ball there on every throw. Nat Champ game MVP, as a True Freshman. Yeah, he was in HS 7 months ago. IF he stays healthy, records will fall. He is already on the first CFB team to go 15-0 in a season since the 1800's. Not bad start. Seriously, go watch the highlights from this game on youtube.
  11. Williamhicks

    title game

    Bama is getting their asses kicked and I love it
  12. Williamhicks

    title game

    Trevor Lawrence is one of the best young FR QB's I have ever seen play this game. Standing in there knowing he is about to get hit hard, and still completing big time passes, over and over again. He is a true Freshman and he is totally dominating Bama. 300 lb guys hitting him and not even knocking him down. He can throw, he can run, he can take the huge hits, he's good in the pocket, he's checking down multiple wr's, even during a blitz. Get used to hearing the name Trevor Lawrence. We will be hearing it for many many years to come.
  13. Williamhicks

    West Virginia job open

    Sent my resume
  14. Williamhicks

    Petersen 1-4 in bowl games now

    What would our record be in the Pac-12?
  15. We can talk about QB, RB, Oline all we want. But BSU will not advance as a program unless the gigantic elephant in the room is addressed. BSU sucks at special teams. What's the answer?