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  1. Happy to hear this, he put up monster numbers in Highschool. He could really be a gamer.
  2. Williamhicks

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

    MWC revenue will probably drop. No, I'm not joking.
  3. Williamhicks

    wisc vs st johns 2002 on cbs

    May I ask why all the Wisconsin crap on this Boise State forum?
  4. Williamhicks

    That sucks!!!

    Nevada freaking blew it, so did SDSU in the end.
  5. Williamhicks

    QB Battle

    I just hope that a dual threat QB wins the job. One dimensional FB equals a bunch of 3-4 loss seasons for BSU.
  6. Williamhicks

    Schmedding named DC.

    Holy shet, our defense just got better. Im serious, those two guys are gonna help our defense immensely. I have always feared losing and replacing Avalos, but we are actually better off.
  7. Williamhicks

    New Roster Update

    How is Ezra Cleveland gonna start at three different positions with three different body sizes all at the same time?
  8. Williamhicks

    New Roster Update

    Thats an NFL sized oline.
  9. Williamhicks

    Mark Few

    And if Few as coaching at any of those schools he would have a list of championship teams. Gonzaga is a tiny school, enrollment of around 5000. The list of big wins and accomplishments for such a tiny school is amazing. They beat most of the big schools, beat Duke this year when they were ranked #1. And they will probably win it all this year.
  10. Idaho just announced their top Candidates. https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/education/five-finalists-named-in-university-of-idaho-president-search/277-def0a9f4-be5f-4a07-a023-4d10ca29293f What in the hell is going on with the BSU search? We are coming up on one year since Dr Kustra left. Has anyone heard anything?
  11. Just sayin, we have a Torrian Gray need but a Robert Prince budget to work with.
  12. Williamhicks

    Bye Coach Avalos . Thank you

    Touching up the old resume and sending it in, along with some Madden clips.