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  1. Blue collar


    Would love too do anything in sports these people are truly fortunate would kill too be in there shoes.
  2. Blue collar

    CDA QB in the Transfer Portal

    We have enough good qbs already here no need for others.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/apr/24/grief-brain-injury-took-girlfriend-away?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  4. Blue collar


    Too the Denver broncos good for him but don't see him doing anything there.But Never know i suppose.Good luck Rypien
  5. Blue collar

    Bill Connely Preview

    Best write up by a far know one comes close
  6. Blue collar

    Boise State vs. South Florida

    Long road too those games will not hold my breath
  7. Blue collar

    So this is where he landed...

    Lol haha
  8. Blue collar

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Sounds like Jaylen had a good game could he be a dark horse for the starting Qb position?wouldn't that be something.
  9. Blue collar

    Not for good news

    more publicized would be in play today yes but also think it's getting worse and worse everyday.
  10. Blue collar

    Not for good news

    More and more these days people's getting more whack in the head.sad story.
  11. Blue collar

    George Illoaka is a Dallas Cowboy

    Love it
  12. Blue collar

    MWC men done in the first round

    Nevada was way overrated glad they lost love it
  13. Blue collar

    Our girls lose in OT.

    Oregon State is not good at what seed they got.we should have won.very frustrating we deserve it
  14. Blue collar

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

  15. Blue collar

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

    Is there a link too this?wonder how the mwc will look like?what do you guys think we should get or the mwc conference teams same or more?