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  1. Blue collar

    Kellen Moore rumored to be new OC in Dallas

    Makes sense Moore is a smart guy and football player
  2. Blue collar

    Kellen Moore rumored to be new OC in Dallas

    He will just have input but nothing moore
  3. Blue collar

    Kellen Moore rumored to be new OC in Dallas

    So they say he will become the OC but Garrett will call the plays I don't get why they need a OC title then?
  4. Blue collar

    Alex Hobbs

    It's good too see we need him too step up.
  5. Blue collar

    lve added too pro bowl

    https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/sports/nfl/boise-states-leighton-vander-esch-added-to-nfl-pro-bowl-roster/277-4b0b9e25-4b3a-4cf6-ae66-ad6742be286d Very cool and deserving first rookie since 1981 for the cowboys to be named
  6. Blue collar

    game time

    How unfucking unlucky Nevada is soooo overrated!
  7. Blue collar

    game time

  8. Blue collar

    game time

    Where is everyone
  9. Blue collar

    game time

    Go Broncos lets go Broncos
  10. Blue collar

    game time

    Come on broncos we have this
  11. Blue collar

    game time

    What a game broncos giving all they have!
  12. Blue collar

    game time

    We definitely laking scoring threat.
  13. Blue collar

    game time

    Not playing too bad go Broncos
  14. Blue collar

    game time

    Go broncos let's take it too the wolfpups
  15. https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/ Not too bad with a smaller class