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  1. Broncowilly

    Boise State Baseball

    Train wreck! I hope baseball goes down like a flaming turd!
  2. My son and I went last year to Oklahoma and had a blast. Hopefully better results this time.
  3. I'm still debating on it. Can't figure out how to sell this to my wife.
  4. Broncowilly

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Broncosports.com lists Hank at 6'1" and 200 pounds. Smith is 6'4" and 207. Bennett is the only QB that isn't close or over 200 pounds and he weighs in at 182.
  5. Broncowilly

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    I think you are confusing Bachmeier and Smith. Smith is by far our biggest QB on the field. Hank is a Rypien clone in regards to size. Smith had some great plays, but doesn't seem to have much touch on those shorter passes.
  6. Broncowilly

    Allie Ostrander

    Good info GJ. I've missed being around the track team the past year and a half.
  7. Broncowilly

    Not for good news

    Do you really think people are worse these days or is everything just publicized more? I also think that being "crazy" is just more acceptable these days, so people let the crazy out.
  8. Broncowilly

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Really wanted to go to the gear sale, but soccer games won't be done by then. We are headed over as soon as the games are done.
  9. Broncowilly

    QB Battle

    Was listening to Caves and Traitor yesterday and was surprised to hear that Hank is getting most of the reps with the blue squad. I believe they said that Henderson was the other person getting the most reps, followed by Smith. Hank had probably the best film I've seen in one of our recruits coming out of high school, so I guess I'm not too surprised. But... please baby Jesus don't let Henderson be the one. I was not impressed with him last year.
  10. Broncowilly

    Schmedding named DC.

    I really like Danielson. Getting the co-defensive coordinator title just makes me believe they are grooming him for better things.
  11. Broncowilly

    Bye Coach Avalos . Thank you

    But if he's been coaching and around that long, why hasn't he been more than a positional coach?
  12. Broncowilly

    Bye Coach Avalos . Thank you

    Huge loss. As one of my all time favorite Bronco's, this hurts. I am a HUGE Avalos fan, but I hope his defenses SUCK at Oregon! Can't fault him for following the money.
  13. Broncowilly

    Pre-Spring Position Preview - Running Back

    Don't forget about Tyler Crowe, the local walk-on Running back from Skyview. Big kid.
  14. Broncowilly

    Alex Hobbs

    I don't follow basketball closely. How many more years we have Hobbs?
  15. Broncowilly

    Trevor phucking Lawrence

    What I found funny was the fact that he almost looked bored the entire time he was doing it. He was so relaxed, looked like just another day throwing the ball in the park.