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  1. HoustonBronco

    Let's talk about the schedule

    It seems this coming season more than past will require impressive wins rather than just wins. Everyone will see the schedule is not killers row so dominance will be needed IMO. Now I know that may mean less developmental play for 2+ stringers so I doubt Harsin will take that route. He thinks far more long term than do I as a fan. Haha
  2. HoustonBronco

    Kendal Briles is probably stressed out

    This definitely seems like a good time to play FSU especially if our team progresses this summer and in Fall camp.
  3. HoustonBronco

    Fan color scheme including a black out announced

    I think many of the players like the fan color schemes because it shows support. IIRC one of the players said that in an interview a couple of years ago. I don’t think there color schemes are purely intended for the fans’ benefit (though making the game environment more fun is certainly a reason). Whether we like them or not seem irrelevant.
  4. HoustonBronco

    I’m confused

    That’s the guy. So he just pulled BSU out of the air as part of his prank? It is kind of funny
  5. HoustonBronco

    I’m confused

    I’m totally confused by the Dominic Dominguez thing. Can anyone educate me?
  6. https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/sports/ncaa/ncaaf/boise-state-football/boise-state-football-releases-fan-color-schemes-for-2019-season-home-games/277-32f14389-d20a-450e-9544-eb5499c163c6
  7. HoustonBronco

    Maeva done

    It’s insane that in most of Texas you get hard jail for possession. There are exceptions like Houston but out here in the country, you’re toast
  8. HoustonBronco

    I miss these guys

    They were special
  9. HoustonBronco

    I hope you don’t mind

    That’s a good resource.
  10. HoustonBronco

    Who's going to the Spring Game?

    Those are some big QB’s. Hopefully that translates into fewer injuries and from what I’m reading about the weakness of the O-line they’re going to get hit.
  11. HoustonBronco

    QB Battle

  12. HoustonBronco

    AAC teams to get 7 mil each per year.

    Content is currency and the networks need it. I expect further increases until rating and households pass reach tipping points.
  13. HoustonBronco

    New Roster Update

    We’ve got some hogs on this team.
  14. HoustonBronco

    3-4 Defense

    I love the 3-4 with stunts. Great defense.
  15. HoustonBronco

    Player Trade

    I guess he didn’t want to witness the PSU beat down. They could likely beat the Vandulls.